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"we're showing your ads only occasionally because of your budget"

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by GeorgR., Jun 13, 2007.

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    can someone enlighten me more there ?
    I DO have a very tight budget, but i dont understand why it says for SOME ads they're showing ok, while other ads show me this notice.

    Say i have a very tight daily budget and 100 keywords in one group all with a default bid of 0.20..so all ads are active.

    Why is one ad showing "ok"..the other "occasionally...because of your budget"

    If all ads are 0.20 default shouldnt ALL ACTIVE ads show ? I mean i pay for whatever ads someone clicks UNTIL my budget is reached.

    But it looks google does some preferencing what ads to show ?!??!??!

    * Number of keywords:

    In what way is it negative to have LOTS of keywords in an Adgroup ?

    Say i advertize a product and i have 50 keywords in the adgroup for THAT product. I always think that it should be ok since i can use any keyword i find and which is in my budget....bigger likelihood of someone clicking ?

    But is there something negative if i have one product and LOTS of keywords for that product ? (Again, assuming all KW have same default bid, all KW are active !)

    I mean i dont get billed for anything people dont click..it doesnt cost more to have more KWs/Variety ?
    GeorgR., Jun 13, 2007 IP
  2. cstamets

    cstamets Well-Known Member

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    What's your daily dollar amount?

    I'm wondering if the ads are only being shown occasionally because they're worried about hitting your budget too soon in the day, or possibly going over it before the system can stop it.
    cstamets, Jun 13, 2007 IP
  3. karamkshetra

    karamkshetra Peon

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    See it's quite simple. When you say daily budget Google will take is as daily budget. Than if there are some keywords with heavy traffic, Google will shows ads there occasionally based on budget. But at the same time it will keep showing ads for the low search keyword.

    Google spends the way you will spend your money wisely when it's less....
    karamkshetra, Jun 13, 2007 IP
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  4. Masterful

    Masterful Well-Known Member

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    All of your keywords have different quality scores and search volumes and thus the potential to accrue different daily costs. Google displays your ads accordingly, with such regularity as to try and ensure your daily budget is not exhausted. If you want your ad to be displayed more often, simply raise your daily budget a little.
    Masterful, Jun 15, 2007 IP