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Website Translator Script - Translate your website between 53 languages

Discussion in 'Products & Tools' started by coder0403, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Reach your global audience
    • Translating your website into 53 languages
    • Attracting more visitors
    • Improving your website's profits
    • Saving your money
    • More page indexes to the search engines (proof)
    • Get your website listed on language-specific search engines
    Website Translator Script is a PHP script that helps you to translate your website into many languages in minutes. It allows your visitors to switch between different languages anytime.

    It's very easy to integrate to your website. You only need some minutes to config and integrate. Can be used for any PHP scripts or html pages such as: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, ArcadeTradeScript, GameSiteScript...

    Great Features Of Website Translator Script
    1. Translating your website into 53 languages.
    2. Search Engine Optimized: support many url types, such as: yourdomain.com/en/ – SEO friendly URL or yourdomain.com/?wtsLang=en.
    3. Avoid page titles duplication.
    4. Easy to integrate to your website.
    5. Easy to customize how the flags are displayed.
    6. You can choose which languages are available to the user.
    7. Fast caching system: save all translated text, auto-clean when the cache is expired, using SQLite so it’s performance is faster than MySQL, easy to manage the cache.
    8. Cached translated text is available for easy checking and updating.
    9. Translations are real time.
    10. The translation is reliable and fast via Google Translate® API.
    11. Support GET and POST form submit.
    12. Can specify which areas, words will not to be translated.
    13. Option to enable / disable caching system, set how long the cache will be expired.
    14. Option to enable / disable translating ‘alt’, ‘title’ attributes in images, hyperlink.
    15. Option to enable / disable translating text fields.
    16. Option to enable / disable translating button texts.
    17. Option to enable / disable translating meta description, meta keywords tags.
    18. Source code is not encrypted.
    Minimum requirements
    • Compatible with most PHP hosting.
    • PHP 5.
    • cURL extension.
    • SQLite extension (enabled by default as of PHP 5) – if you want to use the cache system.
    • .htaccess (using mod_rewrite) – if you want to use the SEO friendly url.
    Integrating Website Translator Script into your website


    coder0403, Jul 14, 2011 IP
  2. coder0403

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    Website Translator Script v2.0 is released (Bing Translation API) and supporting 38 languages

    coder0403, Feb 27, 2012 IP