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Website slow in some locations

Discussion in 'Outages' started by sobelja, Jul 5, 2011.

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    We have a website hosted in southern part of India. It is a webbased application developed in asp.net. What problem we are facing is that the website is either loading very slow or not opening in some locations (ISP wise). Example for some users in Bangalore the site is working very slow. But others it is working fine.

    The website is used nationwide almost 250 users login to system and work almost 4-5 hours on the site. Out of 250 users only few say 20-25 users has this problem.

    Is this a problem of the website or the ISP's or the proxy servers.
    I heard that the name servers will get update in few hours.
    We have not changed the name server for the last six month.

    Has anyone faced this problem before

    It will be very helpful if anyone could find a solution for this.
    We have a dedicated hosting exclusively for this website only.

    Thanking you

    sobelja, Jul 5, 2011 IP
  2. Apolo

    Apolo Active Member

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    Hi Sobel,

    If your users/visitors are willing to cooperate, ask them for trace routes (tracert, in Windows). That way you will be able to find out if is it network related, which probably is.

    In the trace results, you will see if the latency is very high, etc.
    Apolo, Jul 5, 2011 IP
  3. rndm

    rndm Greenhorn

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    You can also sign up for a service such as site24x7 - they test load times from many locations so you have a report of where the slowdown might be
    rndm, Aug 21, 2011 IP