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Website review

Discussion in 'Websites' started by Sam65, May 4, 2021.

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    I'm wondering if you folks could review our website: https://www.sophistik.com.au
    And give your opinion. What can be done to make it better. Why do you think the conversion rate is low? I appreciate it in advance.
    Sam65, May 4, 2021 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    I'm across the ditch in Auckland and we have a radio station promo taking the piss out of shopping sites with stuff like this:


    and what is this at the bottom of the screen. I couldn't see the product on the page: https://www.sophistik.com.au/collections/care-pack/products/care-pack-1

    you need to fix these:

    proofread your copy, can't your customers take it for granted that the lid will be "suitable"?

    On your contact page you give the address as "PO 39 Keilor Victoria 3036", shouldn't that be PO Box...? and you should have a street address available. Customers feel more confident when you are open about your location.

    All up, it's a beautiful site. A bit odd that I can't right mouse click to open more than one page at a time but most people won't notice.
    sarahk, May 5, 2021 IP
  3. jaymi

    jaymi Member

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    You asked why the conversion rate is so low.

    What is it at the moment, and how many items do you have total on the website?
    From what i can see, there may just not be enough variety of items to buy from.

    I would also try changing the Add to cart buttons to be orange. There is a reason why most big websites use this button color standard, it is the most well known color for these kinds of buttons, it makes people feel more at ease with the though of buying since it adds a sort of familiarity to the process, at the moment they are a dark grey/green(?) color.

    Another point is the actual top fold order section of the products, its confusing. on the left side are the images, which is great, but on the right side its a bit messy, there isnt really a short description of the product, the payment icons are way too big, there isnt really a need for them to be that big usually, the button colors are a bit of a put-off also (as mentioned).

    jaymi, May 15, 2021 IP
  4. dabbu347

    dabbu347 Well-Known Member

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    @Sam65 Anyways as per my views, site layout is acceptable but the images placed under "Best Selling Gift boxes" & "What Is New" category are covering entire screen at a time. Same is with "Shop by Collection" category. The Customer testimonial is looking awkward, make it small as per screen size. Hope you might like these considerations. Thanks
    dabbu347, May 23, 2021 IP
  5. Goku99821

    Goku99821 Member

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    I'd say the overall structure of the site ain't bad, besides your description being shoved below items. Some of the text needs rewards because you've used the same thing quite a few times which is kinda strange.

    Newsletters are usually near the top or you could add a small section in your tabs. You've also left the words 'featured text' from the template.

    You've got a good domain name so just fix the typos and reorganise some stuff. Good luck
    Goku99821, May 26, 2021 IP