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Website preview won't show up in marketplace

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by MoneyMastermind, Dec 16, 2017.

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    Hi, I have a website up for auction but the preview won't show up therefore hindering possible visibility engagements for the listing. Is there a way I can fix this issue?
    MoneyMastermind, Dec 16, 2017 IP
  2. Arick unirow

    Arick unirow Acclaimed Member

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    Without the thread URL and also the Domain/Website to be checked, it would be really hard to help you.

    To help other understand your problem, I have checked your earlier post and I believe you were referring to this thread:

    I have few answers which may able to help you solve the problem.

    There is no thumbnail for your site because your site may have problem when digitalpoint's crawler (bot) visit your site to create a thumbnail (screenshot of your site). DigitalPoint's thumbnail generator was used to create a screenshot and it may fail to do so if the bot was:
    1. Blocked
    2. Receive wrong response
    3. Your site was so busy/timeout
    4. There is wrong server/site configuration.
    5. There are scripts or resources which may interfere the process.
    6. The thumbnail was corrupted (most likely it is not happening)
    There is an easy solutions which may able to solve your problem:
    1. Relist it again. The most easiest soultion is to relist it again. As far as I know, the bot would re-visit the site and re-create the thumbnail (replacing old thumbnail/deleting old cache file) once the site was being listed again (relisted). Bot may have timeframe to re-visit the site and create a cache of thumbnail so it is better to keep the relist time interval at least for an hour (do not relist it so often).
    2. Wait for the thumbnail cache to expire (if it ever expire).
    Few things which you wish to know:
    1. The bot may not visit your site immediately but it will surely visit your site once it have received the order (via cronjob or other methods).
    2. It is safe to relist a website or domain as long as there is no bid on it (any bid would be cancelled if seller decide to relist website/domain in marketplace).
    What I have wrote above is purely an opinion and I hope it works for you.
    Another methods which may work is forcing the bot to re-visit and create thumbnail for your site but it is only possible if the webmaster decided to do so.
    Arick unirow, Dec 16, 2017 IP
  3. MoneyMastermind

    MoneyMastermind Member

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    Alright, I already relisted but doesn't seem to work either.
    MoneyMastermind, Dec 17, 2017 IP