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website not visible outside of my network

Discussion in 'Apache' started by mazzizo, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Hey everyone,
    I'm new to the whole Apache thing and everything is going great. Except for one thing. I can only see the website on my internal network. Have had 4 different people try it outside of my network and have had no luck. I've got both ports 80 and 443 open, both TCP and UDP. I've tried port checkers online and they cannot seem to get through either. The server (windows server 2008) has a firewall as well, but i allowed the ports on there as well. I've asked over on the windows server 2008 forums about it and they helped me with some other stuff but could not help me with getting my server open out into the public. I am thinking of maybe trying port 8080? Would that help? my listen is currently set to 80, so maybe changing it will help. And I don't think my ISP blocks port 80, but for 100% confirmation on that I suppose I would have to contact them. Kind of a complicated situation on that though. But anyways, any ideas or help?

    Thank you
    mazzizo, Jul 19, 2010 IP
  2. ubservers

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    The problem is probably not your isp. You opened your ports on your firewall, but you did not fowarded them outside your router so they are not accessible. You need to port foward your port 80 on your router to route it to your machine else way it wont work. If you need help, you can PM me
    ubservers, Jul 19, 2010 IP