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Website Help

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by jammy203, Mar 27, 2017.

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    Hi, I built a website through the DIY website builder, sitebuilder.com. I am not a web designer so limited in knowledge but do understand parts of how to design but not confident enough to design a site from scratch, hence why i have used sitebuilder.com. I have run a google speed test of the site and it says there are non rendering javascript in the faults it is picking up, does anyone know whether its actually possible to change this? I know if you build the site from scratch using HTML then it can be done as you can access the coding. I can get the HTML to show up by clicking inspect element through the browser and have read online that it can be edited this way but im not convinced.

    Can anyone offer any advice on this or is it not possible to do with it being a drag and drop type website builder? im not too bothered regarding site speed as it is coming back at 82/100 but the mobile version is down at 52/100 and the only part i think could improve this score is the javascript issue. I managed to find an article that said the reason for this slowing the site load time down was due to it loading the content which isnt most relevant first and then loading the above the fold content. Apparently making a change to the HTML code can make the site load the above the fold content first and everything else second and so improving how the site loads. My issue is that i dont know whether this can actually be accessed and was hoping someone with a bit more know how may be able to offer some advice on this.

    jammy203, Mar 27, 2017 IP
  2. Fascination

    Fascination Member

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    Try using a hosting site like x10hosting. That way you can carry over the code from view source. It should be editable that way for sure.
    Fascination, Mar 27, 2017 IP
  3. daniel27lt

    daniel27lt Active Member

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    I've personally haven't used site builder. Most drop and drag website creation tools usually have a custom editor. Look for something like HTML editor etc. But having said that, most of these you won't be able to change much, like placing JS elsewhere in your site. It's mostly made by the company. For example, most sites have a header, body, and footer. All JS should be placed within the footer or at least at the bottom of the body. All CSS should be placed in the header. But sites can run smoothly without the code being in the correct places. NOTE: These site speed tests can be a nightmare trying to follow.

    But you stated your site speed ran at 82/100. That's pretty good considering a lot of sites out there. And most mobile sites will always run a little slower in speed tests. So there's really not much you can do without having access to the backend. But what you can do is not have as much on your web pages, as more you have the more it needs to respond. Maybe you can send me a link to your website so I can make some recommendations.
    daniel27lt, Mar 29, 2017 IP