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Website Earning over 10$/Day via Adsense & 3300+ RSS/Email Subscribers

Discussion in 'Appraisals' started by jazzygift, Jul 11, 2009.

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    I want to sell my Website. currently i am earning over 10$ a day from adsense sometimes even over 20$ a Day. My main traffic source is my Subscribers. all i do is one post a day and they come to my site and click on ads. All emails are sent via Feedburner.
    So i want to know how much should i sell it. I have no idea. but my friend was saying that you should get it around 14~18 months of Earning easily.

    Any idea how much should i sell it

    Leave the niche and Traffic Now just considering earning a day from adsense alone.

    offcourse Visitors come to site for the content. Because some peoples thought that i call people to come and click LOL :p So again to be very clear no Spam Whatsoever

    jazzygift, Jul 11, 2009 IP
  2. madmn

    madmn Well-Known Member

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    Around 14~18 montialhs of Earning easily is good unless it has other value or potent. PM me details I might be interested.
    madmn, Apr 8, 2019 IP