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Website Design

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by Jaberg Hermann, Sep 9, 2021.

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking for some advice and guidance.

    I would like to build a website but I've no idea where to start. I know what I want but just need to get an understanding where to start.

    I know many people will say that it will be easier to pay someone else to do it but web design really interests me. I know it's going to be a really long road but I've got to start somewhere.

    I'm just trying to get an understanding of what I need to learn.

    The website I wish to build will be a dynamic website with a login portal for members/clients.

    Up to now I've worked out from websites that I've visited that .aspx or PHP is required but I'm not sure which one.

    Also HTML and CSS Style sheets.

    Am I right in saying that if I used PHP I would use SQL but if I used aspx I would use sharepoint?

    I'm a bit lost how it all fits together.

    I don't want to be spoon fed I'm just looking for a bit of guidance.
    Jaberg Hermann, Sep 9, 2021 IP
  2. Smyrl

    Smyrl Tomato Republic Staff

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    Back in the eighties I read a book by Laura Lemay as I remember. The title was learn html in just a week or something on that order. I read it and created my first web. Web design and development has come a long way since then but a good paper back is a starting point.

    Check out your public library, they probably have a good selection of books you can use and/or check out the offerings at a community college near you. Once you get started and hopefully interact with other web geeks who will be able to offer some good ideas.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2021
    Smyrl, Sep 9, 2021 IP
  3. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    I'd say stay away from asp.

    PHP and MySQL will get you a long way BUT look at the Content Management Systems (CMS) that already exist and add your flair to the designs they ship with.
    sarahk, Sep 9, 2021 IP
  4. clairedelunex

    clairedelunex Peon

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    I tried both , I thinking asp is complicated.
    If you follow this order HTML -> CSS -> PHP
    Php wiil be so easier than other back-end language.
    clairedelunex, Sep 15, 2021 at 5:08 AM IP
  5. c1lonewolf

    c1lonewolf Greenhorn

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    Why use a title like "Website Design" and claim, "I know many people will say that it will be easier to pay someone else to do it but web design really interests me." Only to lead into all the other stuff. One has nothing to do with the other. Website Design deals with designing the overall look and feel of a website, front and or back, for the visual audience. Website Development deals with everything else.

    javascript, php , asp ,c , c++ etc are all processing languages and have nothing to do with actual web design only web development and the only thing design oriented about mysql is "designing" the database correctly to maintain and connect to all the information. Content Management Scripts(CMS) are a dime a dozen on the net simply download one from a free site and they'll even setup the database for you and give you a basic template which you can play with and manipulate to your hearts desire.
    c1lonewolf, Sep 16, 2021 at 9:57 AM IP