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Contest Website Background Design Contest - $25 to winner - 48 Hours only!

Discussion in 'Design Contests' started by snous, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Calling all stellar designers!

    I'm in need of a new background image designed for my investing blog http://investingtips360.com.

    The blog will be a collection of tips and strategies for investing in, and making money in the stock market. All tips will be written by experienced investing professionals who have helpful tips and advice to share.

    You can see the current background image in the side margins of the page (gold colored cash).

    I'd like a new background image created for the site that better compliments the logo, and that's where I need your help!

    Should the new background color coordinate with the logo colors? Or, should it contrast with the logo to add diversity to the page? I'm not quite sure, and that's where you can get creative!

    Please be creative, and design a background image that you feel ads a spectacular, and professional feel to the site.
    $25 will be awarded to the winner via paypal after contest's end & winner is GUARANTEED to come from this contest so long as there are more than 10 entries submitted.

    Feed back will be given periodically as entries are submitted. Thanks in advance for your entries, and please feel free to post/pm any questions you have!
    snous, Jun 10, 2013 IP
  2. nanatrex

    nanatrex Active Member

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    Entry sent to PM
    please check your Inbox.
    feedback is appreciated
    nanatrex, Jun 12, 2013 IP