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WebPage element declaration problem

Discussion in 'Microdata' started by kimwist, Feb 26, 2015.

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    I am new to microdata but started implementing it on my webpage.
    I used the google testing tool to check the input and there was one strange error.

    The testing tool didn't accept "telephone" because I had declared the page in the body tag as WebPage. I tried to post the link here but for some reason I got an error message.
    However, the page source can be found here http://www.kimwist.com/index.html and the problem (tephone microdata) is on line 216 and the body tag etc. are on line 80.

    If I didn't declare the page as "WebPage" I got an error when validating the Html5 with W3C tools for all microdata on the page.

    So my question is, how do I declare correctly my telephone numer with microdata when the page is declared as "WebPage" in the body tag. Or, is there another correct declaration that I should use instead of WebPage that W3C would also approve.
    I tried to find answers over the internet but was unsuccessfull. Any help is much appreciated.

    kimwist, Feb 26, 2015 IP
  2. kimwist

    kimwist Peon

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    I didn't get any answers but managed to figure it out myself. I used a different class: "body itemscope itemtype = "Organization" before this, I had WebPage in palce of Organization and property "telephone" was unreconized as child of WebPage but works fine with Organization. If somebody happens to have this same or similar problem, you can find the code here http://www.kimwist.com/index.html
    I tried to find the answer form schema.org but it was too confusing :)
    kimwist, Feb 27, 2015 IP