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Webinars for about 30 people - any advice?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by sarahk, Jun 27, 2018.

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    An NGO client is looking at running webinar meetings for between 20 and 30 volunteers working in administrative and leadership roles - replacing day-long meetings that they'd fly to.

    They'll be looking for low-cost software, and really easy to use as some people will be challenged enough by the whole concept of virtual attendance.

    From the research I've done to make the list below, it looks like we'll need:
    • Host (me) overseeing everything and keeping it going
    • Panellists - often more than one, with screen sharing and audio
    • Attendees - able to ask questions verbally or by text
    Here's what I've been looking at:
    1. Skype - limited to 25 which would probably be ok, but what if we actually get a decent turnout? Can't use Skype Business because of it's tie into Office & we don't have that kind of control over our volunteers' tech.
    2. Hangouts - limited to 25
    3. Discord - free but not user-friendly enough for this crowd
    4. YouTube streaming - this is hangouts? If you want multiple presenters all the docs point back to hangouts
    5. Facebook streaming, Twitch, or Mixer, rofl, they'd never cope and we need to be able to change presenters, ask questions verbally
    6. zoom.us Meeting - the free plan looks good although the 40-minute limit might be a problem. The $15 plan allows recording and longer meetings and 100 people.
    7. eztalks.com - slightly cheaper than zoom.us and appear to be a cloned site but who copied who?
    8. anymeeting.com $24 per month for 30 people
    9. clickmeeting.com - $30 per month
    10. readytalk.com - $59 per month
    11. gotomeeting.com $89 per month but you have to commit to a whole year. Requires software.
    12. yondo.com - $97 per month
    13. Adobe Connect $130 per month
    14. on24.com - if you have to request a quote to get pricing I'm guessing it'll be more than we want to spend!
    15. blackboard.com - request a quote, yeah, nah
    16. Cisco Webex - not available in NZ (but the damn Aussies are allowed!)
    Have I missed anything?
    sarahk, Jun 27, 2018 IP
  2. speel00

    speel00 Member

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    WebEx, Adobe Connect, GoToWebinar, Join.Me, AnyMeeting and Free Conference Call are some other options. I would advise not using Zoom though, as it isn't really robust and the time limit for the free one makes it not a good value.
    speel00, Jun 28, 2018 IP
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  3. Agent000

    Agent000 Notable Member

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    I use the full version of zoom for meetings, webinars and livestreams to youtube and facebook (and also use it to call home to my daughters when overseas). Highly recommend it.
    Almost all the Universities I work with use it. When I have guests on, Zoom is the one that most are familiar with, so they more comfortable with the tech.
    The claim above that is not robust is BS
    Agent000, Jun 28, 2018 IP
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