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Web Structural Design and HTML tag Questions Need Help!

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by jenny113, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have several website structural design and HTML tag questions that needs your help, I am pulling my hair out..

    1. I display the blog feature on the landing page of my website, however each of the blog title are shown as H1 tag in HTML element, is this against SEO rule as there are too many H1 tag displayed on the same page? Because I received an warning when I run an SEO analysis on Bing's webmaster tool? If yes, should I replace them with H2 or H3 tag?

    2. I have zero knowledge for robot.txt, is robot.tex an essential element for a website, or I can do without it?

    3. Should I use coma to separate words in an image's alt tag?

    4. Since I already have a HTML sitemap for my website, should I also have a breadcrumb navigation for my footer for each page?

    5. Can I have a HTML sitemap, a breadcrumb navigation in the footer, and also several page / blog post recommendation in anchored text all on the same web page?

    Thank you very much !
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    jenny113, Sep 23, 2012 IP
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    Don't pull your hair out... lol.... :)

    1 - Should change semantically to h1,h2,h3 and not more than one h1 to a page. BUT - if, content wise, the titles of the content are equally important then change them to h2's and ignore the "seo" warning. Content serving => quality information demand will outweigh the code level seo issue.

    2 - ==> Simple explanation http://www.robotstxt.org/ and you should be using one!! :)

    3 - NO! - I don't care what anyone says, keyword tagging and image is "spamming" in my book..... All content, including title/alt should be organic explanations.

    4 - XML sitemaps are really the only "sitemaps" needed any longer and your robots.txt file should declare its location to spiders/crawlers/bots - without the need to have it on your site. If your user interface/user experience has a need for both breadcrumb and menu or mapping options to make it easier for your site to be used, then yes! But if it is user direction "overkill" then you can remove the unneeded extras.

    5 - Overkill.....
    workingsmart, Sep 23, 2012 IP
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  3. ApocalypseXL

    ApocalypseXL Notable Member

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    #1 Use h2 .

    #2 Google it .

    #3 If you do that I hate you .

    #4 Sure , sitemaps are for bots and breadcrumbs for humans

    #5 You can just don't overdo it .

    #6 Don't use exclamation tags in your topic title unless you're gasping for air or need medical attention .
    ApocalypseXL, Sep 23, 2012 IP
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  4. jenny113

    jenny113 Greenhorn

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    Thanks guys for your wonderful help ! :eek:
    jenny113, Sep 25, 2012 IP