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Web site Review for Vietnam News

Discussion in 'Websites' started by karumi, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Title: Vietnam News - The latest news on Vietnam

    My review:

    This site provides the latest and newest breaking news on Vietnam.

    This site would appeal to anyone, technical background or not, because
    it is simple and very effective. The washed-out image tiled in the
    background is very welcoming and would appeal to anyone.

    The layout is very nice- I especially like the purples which create a
    comforting feeling for the reader. Plus it is simple, and there is
    not too much text on the first page which also comforts the reader.
    The way it is written is great, it actually feels as if the writer is
    talking to you in a friendly way. The design is excellent- simple and
    to the point. There is just the right amount of graphics on the site.
    It is great the way there is a "last updated" icon on the navigation
    bar, every site should have that. That way, the reader knows exactly
    how up-to-date the information is and will want to explore if it is
    newly updated. The only thing with those icons is you have to keep
    updating regularly if you want to keep a good reputation!

    It is easy to navigate because all of the links are arranged
    appropriately on the left. The only thing that could be changed with
    the links is the size and color of them. They are too small and do
    not stand out very much from the rest of the text. Try using that
    bold pink/purple color with your links and perhaps make button
    graphics out of them.

    The colors are great, the purples are an excellent choice for this
    site. But perhaps you should add more color to the banner/logo up the
    top because it kind of merges in with the rest of the page- you should
    make it stand out. The design is consistent throughout which gives
    the site a sense of completion and wholeness.
    The site loads quite quickly which is great. I did not find any typos
    or spelling mistakes within any of the pages, and I checked all of the
    hyperlinks and found that they all work well. There are no meta tags
    so they really need to be added.

    Finally, this site is appreciate for Vietnamese people but living in foreign countries. :)
    karumi, Oct 24, 2010 IP