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Buying Web Page Designing - HTML Templates

Discussion in 'Design' started by dmelabs, Dec 9, 2019.

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    We are a group of developers and need help with UI Designing. We are currently making a site in VueJS (Front End) and Laravel for the backend.

    There are a lot of templates/blades that need themeing based on our CSS (Bootstrap 4.x). Either we can let a designing commit directly to our repository on the blades or .vue files, or they can send us snippets of the custom CSS code and html and we will integrate it.

    If this is something you can do, please contact me! I will also want to see your portfolio.

    Priority will be given to people who can do the following:
    * Understands Laravel blades
    * Has worked with .vue templates
    * Can commit work direclty to blades/.vue templates in our bitbucket repository.
    dmelabs, Dec 9, 2019 IP
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    I understand laravel perfectly, I can help, message me via email
    toks.com, Dec 10, 2019 IP