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Buying Web developers wanted - Long term HUGE PROJECT!!!!

Discussion in 'Programming' started by tarunshan, May 21, 2010.

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    Hello there

    We (Vertigo .Inc) are looking for a lot of web developers, preferably web development companies... If your going to be an individual with all the qualities that we are looking for then we would def take you too… we are looking for a lot of web developers here...

    Projects worth around: $ 20,000 USD a month MINIMUM.

    These projects are for our company. We are planning to start a chain of websites, around 250 – 300 websites a month and also outsourced projects. A lot of our clients and associates need web development work. So we are planning to outsource them along with our projects...

    It would be great if we can give all the work to a single person, but unfortunately we don’t think we would be able to find a company which has the capacity to handle huge orders. Besides we don’t want to put all the eggs in a single basket.

    These are the things we are looking for in a web developers / company it goes with the order of priority

    1) Time - Its very important we have developers working for us to get the project completed within the stipulated time limit. We have had experience in the past where the project has been delay and thus affecting our other departments and our workflow. So it is very important that you meet deadlines. If you think you can’t live up to this. Please don’t bother replying

    2) Understanding clients requirements

    3) Cost

    4) Technically sound

    This is some serious business, if your not interested please don’t waste our time here.

    Before we go forward we will give you a dummy project for which you will also be paid for. We will measure your working skills based on the performance of that project and then consider future work.

    If you’re interested please email us the following details

    1) Your Name Or Company’s name?

    2) If you are a freelance developer or a group of developers or a web development company?

    3) If you are a freelance developer then do you have a day job or do you do freelancing full time?

    4) If you’re a company then
    a. How many developers are there in your team

    5) Where are you based?

    6) What is your mode of working ( Give me a overview explanation of how you take up project and your process work of how you go about with the entire completion of the project, what are the stages and aspects involved and how you minimize the errors and delay in your process)

    7) How long are you in the web development field?

    8) What is your field of expertise?

    9) How much would you rate yourself on the following on a scale of 10 ) 10 being high)
    a. Meeting deadlines
    b. Understanding clients requirements
    c. Rates compared to market value
    d. Technically sound

    10) Give us a detail summary about your past work. ( The clients you have , the type of technologies you have used, Link to your work , etc )

    Please e-mail us with the above details and also all the details which you think would be necessary.

    Send your email to

    Kindly include your contact details such as :

    Contact Number
    Instant Messenger ID
    Time of availability in IM
    Time to communicate via phone

    Open till – 28th of this month

    Short listed developers will be contacted within 6th of June

    Applications will be open till 25th of this month we will not be checking any emails till 25th of this month. Applications will be short listed and they will be contacted between the 3rd and 6th of June. Short listed developers will be given a sample project which they will be paid for. Based of your performance on the sample project, then we will finalize the list of developers.
    tarunshan, May 21, 2010 IP
  2. xInd

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    Is the deadline on the 25th or the 28th? Please clarify, thanks.
    xInd, May 24, 2010 IP