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Selling Web Design

Discussion in 'Sites' started by dude55, Jun 19, 2019.

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    Anyone can run this Business, no design or sales experience necessary..for your own Web Design Business in this multi-million dollar niche of producing websites which are optimised for multiple devices..

    What happens when a sale takes place?

    You will receive an email and payment via PayPal immediately when a customer places an order on the website. You then place an order with the Myself to create the required website. We completely take over at this point, delivering the site direct to your customer and the We answer all of your customers queries and take all design directions direct from the customer..

    These are your profit margins, remember that Landing Pages are usually part of an order for another site.


    Your Customer Selects an Enterprise Site

    Your Charge


    Your Profit (wholesale price $300)



    Your Customer Selects a Small Biz Site

    Your Charge


    Your Profit (wholesale price $212)



    Your Customer Selects a Start Up Site

    Your Charge


    Your Profit (wholesale price $150)



    Your Customer Selects a Landing Page Site

    You Charge


    Your Profit (wholesale price $90)


    Most customers will order the Small Business Site…..if you can handover just 3 jobs a week, this leaves you with $639 Profit for forwarding 3 emails. A landing page purchase will also accompany a lot of orders.

    You do not need to continue a dialogue with your customer once you receive payment..Your profit is completely hands free.

    We take over as soon as you get an order, leaving you to concentrate on converting more potential customers.
    You just need to give the us the Customers Details and you have some huge selling points.

    We own a dedicated server delivering the highest speeds possible and our package includes free SSL certification for all accounts.


    This site runs on Autopilot if you have reasonable communication skills. No Phone contact with Customers is required. Just forwarding emails. No Skype Calls, Just Exchange of Emails or Skype Text Chat occasionally.

    When a Customer purchases a site package, you simply place the order with the Myself who delivers the service direct to your Customer leaving you with an average of $200 Profit per Customer per sale.

    Remember you will get multiple orders for multiple websites from the SAME CUSTOMER as well as referral business. So income from 10 customers per week could quickly double from $600-$3,000 to $1200-$6000. PER WEEK.

    Why is this Web Design Business Relevant to the Current Market?

    Around 90% of Internet users have multiple devices and screens with a variety of screen resolutions. So, it is important for web entrepreneurs and businesses to develop websites that are optimized for all devices. These responsive websites should have a single URL and HTML code with the ability to optimize according to the screen resolution on which it is opened, giving a great viewing experience. Fully responsive sites that run well on all devices are the most relevant offering in today’s web design market. Most businesses do not have a site which is fully responsive across multiple devices and this calls for a re-design…This is where your new business comes in…And the market is still in its infancy!

    How will it work again?

    1. You buy this reseller site

    2. You promote it with the simple marketing plan that I provide (that works).

    3. You get enquires, they are easy to manage because all info required from the prospective Customer is simply laid out on the website.

    4. The Customer is impressed…then completes a purchase via PayPal and you receive the funds in your PayPal Account immediately,eg $600 for an Enterprise Website.

    5. You contact us via email with the order details which are already completed by your Customer. You don’t have to do anything from there..

    6. We deliver the Site and provide high class after sales service to ensure that the customer is happy.

    Most importantly, your we deliver this service quickly and efficiently…your Customer will be expecting 30days before they see their new site up and running, so they will be blown away by what they paid for when they receive their site within 7days on average.

    This site is a cash cow for anyone who has reasonable communication skills and the ability to follow a simple marketing plan to get traffic and sales.

    This is a genuine opportunity to build a business that has a massive resale value…however considering the ease of operation you would probably keep as your full time cash cow.

    So what do you have to do after you purchase this site?

    You generate traffic to your site by following the Marketing Plan included in the sale. The Social Media marketing element of the plan is the latest strategy that marketers are using to quickly get traffic that converts to sales. You will have access to all of this. And YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE your own personal social media accounts.

    Get your site heading VIRAL and you could be serving over 100 clients per month basically hands free. And we take care of all of your orders ( I head a large team of designers)

    All you need to do is concentrate on your site generating traffic. There is an advanced plan for this included in the sale – and it works.  

    Operate from anywhere in the World.

    What are you getting when you purchase this site?

    Premium domain name

    Premium design

    Marketing Plan

    Social Media Marketing Guide

    Operational Guide

    Supplier Contact

    The Complete Business Start-up Package at an Affordable price.
    dude55, Jun 19, 2019 IP