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Web design

Discussion in 'Design' started by scrubed.com, Dec 29, 2014.

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    Should I change my web design or leave it as is?

    scrubed.com, Dec 29, 2014 IP
  2. hangbowl

    hangbowl Well-Known Member

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    it's nice site. fast load. you don't need to change the layout. just manage the layout more decent. at the front page at the bottom there is a blank space. use it to show more contents. make it eye catching. decent content, decent looks. easy reading.

    keep blogging.
    hangbowl, Dec 29, 2014 IP
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    H4RAKIRI Peon

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    It is a nice site and design I would keep it and change some minor things.. the things i would change are the Horizontal scroll bar that appears, that does not show anything, there is some element that is out of place somewhere. From what I could see it was the navigation bar. Also its a nice homepage to have the Subscribe bar staring boldly at you like that. I would say maybe a more subtle background color for it, maybe a lowered opacity and flat color without the border shadow.

    As the user above said, the empty space could also be used, maybe some recent blog or picture posts.. a small about you column or anything really.
    The home page is far to nice to be left empty fill it up with some stories or articles.
    H4RAKIRI, Dec 29, 2014 IP
  4. kk5st

    kk5st Prominent Member

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    First, this looks like it was coded by an amateur from a decade and a half ago. That it works at all is a testament to the browsers' abilities to make some sense of gibberish. It is typical of most WP themes; crap on a pogo stick. The number of errors in the html markup and css declarations is mind boggling.

    Second, that in-your-face, always there "invitation" to sign up for e-mail updates is annoying and it takes up precious browser real estate. Make it a small box in the side column. Instead, allow visitors to subscribe to your feed. That way all they do is bookmark the page, and when they hover the bookmark, it lists the recent posts.

    On the side column and the 'slider': Not everything needs a large image, which brings up the next point.

    The page is too damned big. Eighty-six files, totaling 4+mBytes is ridiculous. There is no way a page with so little actual content has any business being that large.
                               Size        Uncompressed Size
    6 Documents               38 KB           68 KB
    40 Images               3273 KB         3273 KB
    0 Objects
    24 Scripts               620 KB          672 KB
    16 Style Sheets          344 KB          344 KB
    86 Files                4275 KB         4357 KB
    Code (markup):
    If you really want to improve your site, back off a bit and ask yourself, if the site weren't yours and if you were visiting, why did you go there and what do you want to learn, buy or do? Is it easy for you to find what you want? I don't even get a cursory idea of the site's purpose beyond there may be some articles somewhere that if I were a nursing student, I might want to read. "Pretty" is nice, but it doesn't cut the mustard up against easily understood purpose. See Google or craigslist; neither will win any beauty contests, but you know immediately what they do and how to use them. Google is one of the top three visited sites in the world and craigslist ranks in the top one-hundred.

    Improve the utility of the site and find a front end coder with a modicum of clue.


    kk5st, Dec 30, 2014 IP
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  5. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    I was going to rip it a new hole, but Gary did the grunt-work for me. What he said. Fat, bloated, slow, and pretty much slapped together any-old-way from off the shelf parts. If I wasn't looking at it for a review I'd never have waited for that mess to load -- you've got twice as many files as you should have for such a page, and 90% of the 'crap' can be blamed on endless pointless "JavaScript for ntohing" mated to "CSS, what's that?"

    The only thing he missed were the goofy illegible webfonts. NOT a fan.
    deathshadow, Dec 31, 2014 IP
  6. KewL

    KewL Well-Known Member

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    Plug plug plug
    KewL, Jan 1, 2015 IP
  7. scrubed.com

    scrubed.com Greenhorn

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    Thank you all for the feedback. I really appreciate your help :)
    scrubed.com, Jan 3, 2015 IP