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Selling web design / logo / miscellaneous design by Artsurd.com

Discussion in 'Design' started by artsurd8, Oct 11, 2010.


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    Hello, i am offering web design / logo / miscellaneous design (would be good if you provide to some references you like ).

    From now this is my primary design service thread, you can check my reputation from my old thread (tons of testimonials from happy clients)
    Design Portfolio: www.artsurd.com

    Price List:

    • Logo start from $52.5
    • Web design start from $73.5
    (web design is 1 page design...homepage/landing page/mini site/squeeze page)
    For miscellaneous design like wordpress theme/tumblr theme/headers/banners/twitter background/business card/folder design/tracing image/e-book cover/opt-in box/etc, just contact me to negotiate the price

    *always check the end of this thread to see a special promo

    **write your "DP id" if you send me an email

    ***delivered files for logo is in illustrator/photoshop/corel draw format

    ****delivered files for web design is in photoshop format with well-structured layer (blueprint css grid is integrated)

    ****work start after payment is sent. just google me if you doubt ;)

    Testimonials from my old thread
    [quote="John31, post: 11684808"]He just created me the logo, i can say it's just awesome. A real good designer.
    We'll deal again for sure in the futhure.
    thanks a lot[/QUOTE]
    [quote="zzargo, post: 11685654"]I've gotta say... he's absolutely incredible! Quick and highest quality stuff and one of the best designers I've ever found or worked with (seriously!).
    Artsurd8... keep an eye out for a ton more projects from me!! :)[/QUOTE]
    [quote="John31, post: 11727784"]I ordered again, great person...we will do this again and again because you're the best :D[/QUOTE]
    [quote="prachimehta87, post: 11727941"]I was the first one to award an itrader to this wonderfully creative guy who made a very nice logo plus banner for my website...I am very impressed of his skills and would recommend his services to every1 else on DP...He is fast and does not crib if you  ask for revisions...he precisely follows your instructions and in time...volia...you will have your desugn ready..I got mine in half an hour or so...
    Best of luck dude..You are gonna go places for sure...:D[/QUOTE]
    [quote="sangli1980, post: 11728622"]Yeah I did get some job done through Artsurd8 and it was great he was quick and professional. Thanks.....[/QUOTE]
    [quote="zz2crazy, post: 11731343"]Ok. He just finished my project. redesign my site.
    I have to say, the work he done is great.I like his desgin and he is very responsable. Good communication and even helped me to set up dropbox for better communication use. I am highly recommand him.[/QUOTE]
    [quote="nick30, post: 11731973"]Thanks for the template designs - great work done to a high standard and I will be sending you more projects.[/QUOTE]
    [quote="xnz, post: 11837503"]Thanks for the great logos!![/QUOTE]
    [quote="lloyd21, post: 11880801"]Fantastic logo...I just PM'ed about next project :)[/QUOTE]
    [quote="punter1000, post: 11961829"]Artsurd8 did a fantastic job on my logo. Quick service and achieved what I wanted within a day. Highly recommended![/QUOTE]
    [quote="farhang, post: 12111467"]Got couple of couple of logo's, very impressed and will be getting more done soon.
    Give me a nice custom deal too :D[/QUOTE]
    [quote="karen_d, post: 12199029"]Just wanted to write in and say I've enjoyed working with Artsurd.  While the first few designs weren't what I wanted, he was willing to keep working with me until I had a logo I really liked.  Dedicated to making sure his clients are happy.
    Thanks Reri![/QUOTE]
    [quote="ranuromeo, post: 12199233"]I was satisfied with the logo delivered by Artsurd.
    He understands what you want very well and also brings it in the design work. He made numerous revisions and made sure that i was satisfied with the final logo.
    I highly recommend Artsurd if you are looking for a professional logo.[/QUOTE]
    [quote="skut, post: 12236624"]Hey man, Im interested to use your web design service Againnn.. ! :)
    Really love your work... Creative & High quality =)
    Let me know if you available man...with discount pls :D[/QUOTE]
    [quote="Narutoboy, post: 12315737"]Artsurd8 did some custom work on the graphics in my forum. Overall, very friendly and easy to work with. Would recommend artsurd8's service to anybody. :)[/QUOTE]
    [quote="lithman, post: 12373724"]Artsurd8 did a t-shirt design for me. He had the artwork back to me in a single day. I asked for a few revisions and he made them all. Great work![/QUOTE]
    [quote="gina.alessia, post: 12456951"]Great designer. He made a landing page for me and it is awsome. Also the comunication was perfect. Thanks.[/QUOTE]
    [quote="Lineker, post: 12670081"]After he s back from the earthquake asturd have been very professional finishing the job in time and in superb quality. 
    Thanks again.[/QUOTE]
    [quote="last, post: 12678960"]Nice job! He was fast and did many reviews![/QUOTE]
    [quote="quickershopper, post: 12839219"]After wasting time and money going through various designers, I feel so lucky to have found Artsurd8.  I was truly blown away by his creativity and astonishing artistic skills.  
    An absolute pleasure to work with, very personable, and even with all the projects he has going on, he was still able to finish my work in remarkable timing.  He has done our company’s logo, business cards, banners, letterheads,… and you can believe we will continuously use his services whenever new marketing campaigns arise.  
    Don’t waste your time with anyone else ~ Get it done right the first time![/QUOTE]
    [quote="redgsr, post: 12874202"]I'm very happy with the design work that was done thanks again Reri.[/QUOTE]
    [quote="parchmentlady, post: 13281537"]Hey Artsurd8, here's my thoughts on your work!
    Quality: 5
    Expertise: 5
    Cost: 5
    Schedule: 5
    Response: 5
    Professionalism: 5 
    Everything was absolutely wonderful with my internet banner! I sent him pictures of my previous work, and he put them right in with his banner design. WAAAY above the level I could have done on my own, or even dreamed up! I'm absolutely thrilled. 
    Even though it took a while to get a hold of him initially (due to personal reasons), I'm so glad I waited for him to respond, instead of being impatient. I paid 100% ahead of time for my work, and WOW did he come through for me! Don't feel too worried about paying 100% of your project cost with Artsurd, if you have the funds to do so, he will come through for you, just like he did for me. Thank you again Artsurd, and I'll be contacting you again in the very near future, to complete a few other projects that we had talked about.
    [quote="emielvenlo, post: 13359448"]Artsurd8 is a great and creative designer, he goes on till it is perfect.[/QUOTE]
    [quote="Badlands07, post: 13362048"]Great work on 2 new logos - getting ready to rehire for 6 more!!!!![/QUOTE]
    [quote="jetmatic, post: 13390994"]Quality: 5
    Expertise: 5
    Cost: 5
    Schedule: 5
    Response: 5
    Professionalism: 5 
    Excellent Job! I paid 100% upfront payment and he delivered the logo, homepage design, business card, and brochure in timely manner of time and outstanding quality! Professional seller![/QUOTE]
    [quote="blanktorp, post: 13446921"]Just an incredible and very talented designer.
    I just finished my 2nd project with him and I will be back for more.
    He never stops until it's perfect and gives you all the careful time in the world. 
    There is no stock or clipart here - he even custom-designed the font that he used for me.
    Great artistic talent.
    Thanks again!![/QUOTE]
    [quote="RSLegit, post: 13623794"]Great designs. Good to work with. Had a print flyer designed by him.[/QUOTE]
    [quote="lordofthelake, post: 13993525"]Very talented designer, he polished my logo until perfection, revision after revision. I can consider this job happily concluded, now, but I'm already looking forward to make more business with him :)[/QUOTE]
    [quote="gldean, post: 13998971"]Provided a great design for my Twitter Background. 
    [quote="iiswhois, post: 14081756"]Just created a killer logo for my site. Awesome work and will definitely hire again. Thanks![/QUOTE]
    [quote="micahman80, post: 14177777"]Awesome look for exactly what I needed...And it was a really fast turnaround.  I wouldn't hesitate to use again![/QUOTE]
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    Last edited: Oct 11, 2010
    artsurd8, Oct 11, 2010 IP
  2. artsurd8

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    12 - 31 OCTOBER PROMO *to celebrate 'something' in my life :D
    PORTFOLIO: www.artsurd.com

    Logo only $52.5
    Homepage design (PSD) only $73.5
    Twitter Background only $26.5

    *full upfront payment
    ** if you send me an email please tell me your DP id to get this promo price
    artsurd8, Oct 11, 2010 IP