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We invite the administration to delete all of our taboola topics. We found the solution. Thank you!

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by James Hobert, Feb 28, 2020.

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    We are now contacting directly with Taboola's legal team to send us our earnings. The administration is requested to delete all of our taboola topics. Thank you...



    James Hobert, Feb 28, 2020 IP
  2. malky66

    malky66 Acclaimed Member

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    Not going to happen, read the rules:
    malky66, Feb 28, 2020 IP
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  3. James Hobert

    James Hobert Greenhorn

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    No Problem,
    Even if this is not done, we have informed everyone that the payment problem with Taboola has been resolved and we will receive our profits.

    Well for everyone to know that the payment problem with Taboola has been resolved and we are only awaiting our profits from the Taboola team.

    We will wait on your digital point until the amendment button appears and we will amend the title and text as we did in the first topic

    We know that anyone can expose any company at the digital point.
    We also know that on the digital point there are many old and new threads against Taboola.
    But for us we are a serious company and we have found the solution with Taboola.
    Therefore, we have notified the whole world that there is no longer a payment problem between us and Taboola.
    We are now just waiting for our profit from Taboola.

    Thank You!...
    James Hobert, Feb 28, 2020 IP