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Selling WBot - Auto Uploading Bot

Discussion in 'Services' started by Matijasevic, Aug 31, 2017.



Instant Pay:

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    Before ordering make sure WBot is what you need. Send an email at

    Main features:
    • 100% automated. After setup you just need to check once a day to see if there are any torrents paused.
    • Is using a light torrent client (rtorrent with rutorrent interface)
    • One click enable/disable WBot
    • One click enable/disable posting
    • Control how many active/downloading torrents you want to run
    • Control the ratio or seeding time (global setting or individually for each feed)
    • Control the minimum and maximum size for torrents to be downloaded (global setting and individually for each feed)
    • You can download from feeds only torrents that contain your desired words
    • You can skip torrents from feeds torrents that contain your desired words
    • Delete files from torrents based on extension
    • Delete files from torrents based on words
    • Upload NFO files as image
    • Generate images for videos with mtn and you can configure the number of rows, columns or your own text on image
    • Rename files from torrents with a md5 string or short string
    • Remove words from torrent titles
    • Get info for movies from IMDB
    • Dowload big IMDB poster for movies
    • Get info for tv shows from IMDB, tv.com, thetvdb
    • Get info and images for games from ign.com, gamespy
    • Get mp3 informations for mp3 files
    • Shrink links with: adfly, adfoc, tinypaste, share-links.biz, linksave.in, safelinking
    • Post on wordpress, ipb, vb, xenforo, dle, phpbb, fluxbb, mybb, warez-bb
    • Post as drafts on wordpress
    • Limit title length on sites
    • Generate on big poster for xxx torrents
    • Watermark the xxx poster with your own image
    • Resize the IMDB poster or the xx poster to your own width
    • Rar files with your own files, your own size, your own password and your own filenames
    • Final posts are saved in a folder
    • Easy to make templates

    I am not responsable for how many torrents can your vps process per day. My script use rtorrent/rutorrent to download the torrents. New torrents will be processed after the first torrent is fully seeded (can change ratio on config file) or after an amount of time (can change time in config file). If your vps doesn't seed or upload speed is slow i can't do anything.
    I will install the script.
    I am not responsable for the speed of your server (upload speed or process speed).
    I will wait 24h after payment. In the meantime you can send the vps/server details.

    VPS or Dedicated with minimum 1GB RAM | 50GB space | good CPU and bandwidth depends on you.
    With a SSD hard disk will run faster.
    Clean VPS/Fresh install. Nothing installed on it.
    Centos 6 64 bit installed
    I will need root access to install the script

    What you will receive:
    Free installation (1 install/week/wbot)
    Script is unencoded!

    Price: 130$
    Payment methods: PayPal, WebMoney.
    About support contact me via
    Matijasevic, Aug 31, 2017 IP
  2. Zoomzi

    Zoomzi Greenhorn

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    What about 4k video ?
    Zoomzi, Sep 1, 2017 IP
  3. Matijasevic

    Matijasevic Member

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    Currently no.
    Matijasevic, Sep 3, 2017 IP