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Selling Watches News Website For Sell

Discussion in 'Sites' started by technopark, Dec 29, 2019.

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    About the Seller
    we're the owner of http://watchesdeals.net/ Basically, we do it all on this business. we spent about 2 hours a day to plan and create content and to update social networks. we also manage all the monetization strategies (Amazon Affiliate ,Ads) and that's something that sometimes requires more time to think, plan and implement.

    Business Modelwatchesdeals is a Affiliate website Store about Watches. It has over 15 uinque Seo Aricles About Watches .
    At this moment, this website generates money exclusively with Amazon Affiliate .

    Reason for Sale
    We've created watchesdeals about a year ago and did something we've never done before. we've created a project that is highly profitable and that it hit all my expectations.
    Nevertheless, we want now to focus on another new project about Phones which is my favorite hobby. Unfortunately, we don't have enough time to take care of this new website and the other projects we have. Therefore, We've decided to sell watchesdeals to the right person that can continue its successful journey.

    Manage watchesdeals is not that hard, it requires some strategy and content planning, but it's not rocket science. If we can do it, you can do it.

    You will need at least 2 hours a day to create and plan content, answer emails and update social networks.

    72% Organic / USA is the top country where traffic is coming from

    Affiliate + Ads
    Domain Registration Fees + Web hosting + Buying of Articles
    Marketing No marketing was done for this business.

    Included in Salehttps://watchesdeals.net
    Facebook Business Page -
    twitter Business Page
    Email list: 1,025

    Future Opportunities
    Revenue in this project is highly related to the amount of Product and content available. Therefore, you can increase revenue by adding more content.
    Also, We've never used any backlink strategy (other than guest blogging) so, it's something you can do to increase visitors and revenue.
    technopark, Dec 29, 2019 IP
  2. freomed

    freomed Well-Known Member

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    is the websit approved for adsense?
    freomed, Nov 30, 2020 IP