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Buying Wanted: To Buy forum - any niche - read inside

Discussion in 'Sites' started by vagabund, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. vagabund

    vagabund Active Member

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    To give more specifics details what I'm looking for in the forum

    1. Error free
    2. License or open sources ( not SFM in any case)
    3. MyBB - is great open sources with customize theme, templates, plugins, etc
    4. English forums ONLY
    5. Niche : webmasters, internet marketing, home based business, hobbies,fitness, etc
    6. DO NOT WANT :, adult, warez, illegal, abusive,
    7. NOT Banned from Search Engine
    8. Domain - .com, net ( no country TLD's) except .CA
    9. USA/Canada
    10. No revenues or small revenues
    11. Completely set-up ( posts, stick topics, members, etc)
    12.MUST have a PRICE - I'll not make offer
    13. Budget ( not looking for forums that cost $$$$ )
    14. Does not need to be SEO optimized, ( I can do that , as long they are options)
    15. NEW FORUM or old with small numbers of members
    16. No time frame to buy forum ( looking as long I don't find one that I love the most)
    I will buy one or more forums, as long I like them. I hope this helps more to contact me

    Thank you all for reading this post
    vagabund, Jul 11, 2010 IP