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Want to start a money making website

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by emega, Feb 1, 2019.

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    I want to start a website. Can someone who has experience in making money with a website please advise me.
    emega, Feb 1, 2019 IP
  2. allout

    allout Prominent Member

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    Run away as fast as you can!

    Create something you have a passion for, work your ass off creating great content, spend money to get links and traffic and add ads and affiliate links and hope for the best. It is not easy and over half what you hear about people making big money is BS. Reality, more webmasters fail than the ones that succeed.

    If you are still interested, read everything you canon SEO and affiliate marketing and put the work in. There are very very few overnight money makers these day. It takes months and sometimes years to make real money.

    Good luck!
    allout, Feb 1, 2019 IP
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  3. superrichguy

    superrichguy Well-Known Member

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    We dont need anymore spammy sites, you wont make money. Create a site that you like for yourself and update it daily if not 2 or 3 times a day.
    Good luck
    superrichguy, Feb 1, 2019 IP
  4. JoeSpirit

    JoeSpirit Well-Known Member

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    Yeah. What allout said.

    And commit. Make up your mind that no matter what happens you will keep trudging forward.

    And be consistent. Set up a schedule for the tasks you need to complete and stick to that schedule.
    JoeSpirit, Feb 2, 2019 IP
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  5. jrbiz

    jrbiz Acclaimed Member

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    Start an honest website that you would be proud to show family and friends. Make sure that it provides "value" to your visitors. "Value" of course can take many forms as a website could be informative, humorous, provocative, etc., etc. It will be easier on you if you start a website on a topic that you are interested in. Then remember this quote that I have posted on threads before:

    A successful entrepreneur is someone with a vision who...

    Is stubborn enough...
    To stick around long enough...
    To get lucky!
    jrbiz, Feb 3, 2019 IP
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