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Selling Want a Best-Selling 10K EBook Written in 24 Hours for ALMOST NOTHING?

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by Keyboard-Monkey, Feb 14, 2017.



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    Do you know what it takes to create a best-selling eBook - one that sells dozens of copies every day? It takes two things.
    • Absolutely amazing content
    • A killer cover that matches the quality of professionally published books
    People are tired of the same regurgitated information. Most people writing eBooks these days grab the first search result they come to and basically just rewrite the content. That's why you can look at a dozen eBooks, by 12 different authors, and see THE SAME EXACT INFORMATION. But a real writer sits down and researches the information thoroughly, from multiple, high-quality sources, fact-checks everything, and decides what to include and what to leave out. Plus, a professional writer like myself doesn't use fluff, has almost perfect grammar and there will not be a single misspelled word in the entire 10,000 words.

    A poor cover is the NUMBER ONE REASON that eBooks fail to sell. People see them and pass them right on by because a poor cover almost always means poor content.

    So, here's my offer. I will create ONE 10,000 word eBook that is the highest quality eBook that you have ever had written for you, I will create an AMAZING cover, I will deliver it in 24 hours and I will do all this for $120.

    I have been making my living writing for the web since 2008. I have a B.A. in Communications from Idaho State University and my content is impeccably researched, engaging, entertaining and absolutely jam-packed with good information. Resume and portfolio of samples available.

    If you like what you get, then we can discuss more eBooks in the future at my regular rate. This rate is obviously ridiculously low. I am doing this for ONE CUSTOMER ONLY because I have some bills all coming due this week and my regular writing work has been really slow since Friday. Maybe it's Valentine's Day or something. I don't know.

    But whatever the reason, it is your opportunity to get an amazing eBook PLUS professionally designed cover for $120. All you need to do is pick the topic and promote it a little afterward. With great content and an amazing cover, it will almost certainly take off once people realize that it is the best book on the subject that they have ever read.

    So, are YOU my ONE CUSTOMER?
    PM me now.
    I'll have it for you this time tomorrow.
    Keyboard-Monkey, Feb 14, 2017 IP