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w3c validator - Element link is missing required attribute property

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by saggammahesh, Apr 30, 2013.

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    When i was validating my website pages using w3c i am getting the error stating like "Element link is missing required attribute property"
    Here is the link tag
    <link href="/theme/default/js/fancybox/jquery.fancybox.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    Here is my webpage
    I am not understanding what "Required attribute" i am missing here. i tried adding media attribute but could not solve issue.
    saggammahesh, Apr 30, 2013 IP
  2. kk5st

    kk5st Prominent Member

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    This may be a bug in the validator; after all, it is experimental.

    More likely, it is due to having a meta data element (link) in body, which may have only flow elements. Move the element to the head section.


    kk5st, Apr 30, 2013 IP
  3. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    Surprised you're bothering with validation given the wreck that is HTML 5 -- but since you've got outdated non-semantic markup circa 2001 under that HTML 5, it just goes to further prove what I've been saying about 5 -- it's for the people who continue to write HTML 3.2 and until recently were slapping a tranny on it. Now they just wrap 5's lip-service around it for no real world improvement.

    HTML 5's "validation" is so meaningless and chock full of bugs I'm not at all surprised it's bombing on what appears to be a perfectly good LINK. (though you REALLY should have a media target since sending screen layout to everything is rubbish).

    That said, I'd suggest switching to a RECOMMENDATION doctype, swinging at axe at 90%+ of the DIV in your markup as pointless bloat (like all the pointless empty clearing nonsense), gut the redundancies out of the keywords meta since that's guaranteed to be ignored (it's called keyWORDS, not keyphrases, not keysentences, keyWORDS!!!)

    Of course I'd also try to gut out all that javascript for nothing crap that doesn't even work right here.

    I mean, it's 27k of markup for 3k of plaintext and nothing remotely resembling fancy styling -- easily two or three times the markup that should have been used -- My advice, throw that entire train wreck of broken methodologies and code bloat away and start over from scratch, there is NOTHING worth even TRYING to save from that laundry list of how not to build a website.

    Though it is entirely what I've come to expect from ANYTHING related to the educational field.
    deathshadow, Apr 30, 2013 IP
  4. seofreelance

    seofreelance Peon

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    Hi, I made the same mistake... but I used the option html-tidy so I could spot it :
    the tag link should not be closed !
    I suppose the error message means that the validator was waiting some property we didn't give.
    seofreelance, Jul 12, 2013 IP