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Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition is Free, but License Terms....?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by tenev, Jul 4, 2010.

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    I am a software developer, and i can't find a Free (or under $100) C++ IDE Tool for building applications which is not released under GPL (GPL requires you to provide application source code)...

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express edition is free, at their website i've read that i can use it for Commercial Purposes, while installing the application i had to agree with their LICENSE Terms which i don't quite understand...

    2 things i want to know:

    1- can i build my software/application and sell it without problems?
    2- can i distribute/sell my source code?

    it looks safe to use for me, but i want to hear your opinion's :)

    And here is the License Terms:

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2010
    tenev, Jul 4, 2010 IP
  2. newcity

    newcity Peon

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    Every software you install, asks you to agree with their terms, which is completely safe to accept and its actually for the software owner's way to keep them out of trouble in case user uses it for harmful purpose.

    The license terms are for the software only, and not for the programs and codes you create. You will be able to share your code as u wish.
    newcity, Jul 5, 2010 IP
  3. tenev

    tenev Active Member

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    Thank you, it was really confusing.
    tenev, Jul 5, 2010 IP