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VirtualBox LAMP Server to Proxmox causes webroot to disappear

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by BitBite, Nov 13, 2019.

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    Hey guys! First time here.
    Hopefully I'm in the right spot, move this thread if not.
    I'm having some problems when trying to transfer my completely functional website thats hosted on my Virtualbox VM LAMP Server onto a Proxmox installation.
    Let me explain.
    I've had my first website up for about two months now. I'm running it on a Ubuntu Server 18.04 LAMP stack in a VirtualBox VM on Windows 10. I have my own GoDaddy signed certs so my site has https. I wanted to transfer this to My Proxmox install on a different PC.
    I copied my .VDI file to my Proxmox machine via WinSCP, everything moves fine, boots fine bt the problem is that, SPECIFICALLY, my webroot directory VANISHES. everything inside of /var/www/website/ is gone, and even more weird is that when I check the permissions oin directory "website", instead of being owned by www-data its now owned by root, but empty. My Wordpress install vanishes.

    I just tried uploading my webroot directory directly into the proxmox VM, but even when I change the permissions it won't use the directory listed in default-ssl.conf and ends up sing the default index.html.

    What I just thought which led me to the apache2 forum, is that when I create my key file to generate my certs, are they tied to THAT MACHINE? Would cloning it and using it on a different PC break default-ssl.conf?

    I've already posted on the Proxmox forum at:

    but I'm thinking that this may be a cert problem with apache2. I was really hoping someone knew.
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    BitBite, Nov 13, 2019 IP
  2. BitBite

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    Upon further inspection to see what was going on with default-ssl.conf, it seems that it's a completely new copy, while on the virtualbox VM it has my custom configuration.
    Also my certs files are gone.
    BitBite, Nov 13, 2019 IP