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Views dont show in Cross Domain Tracking, need help.

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by CS5, Sep 17, 2015.

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    Hello to all,

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post. I am looking to find a solution as I am trying to upgrade the SEO of my website, but for now it doesnt show any trace of it in Google Analytics.

    Here is my configuration :

    I currently have 2 hosted domains lets call it hostedA.ca and hostedB.ca.

    Here is the configuration of each hosted domain :

    this hosted domain has an addon domain on it, that is the main used domain. So we will call it maindomain.ca

    this hosted name has 3 alias domains with 301 Redirect on it. we will call them alias1.ca, alias2.ca, alias3.ca.

    All alias redirect to maindomain.ca, and have nothing on it, and hostedB.ca has an index page, and a robot.txt page on it. It has also a 301 redirect to maindomain.ca.

    So to resume I have 2 hosted domains but 6 different domain names total.

    Here is what I want to achieve :

    so the hostedA.ca configuration was done before we came across the company. but the maindomain.ca is the priority. it is our brand, the easiest name, also everything online redirects to it. It is the main account in google analytics as well.
    the hostedB.ca is a common mispell of our name that people know, and the 3 alias are direct keywords domain names. I used this configuration following advice from an analytics, SEO book. This purpose is to avoid any risk of penality from Google.com on my maindomain.ca, and any duplicate content.
    The point was to improve the search engine on our main domain by adding to it the redirects of the mispell, as well as getting better ranked in the keywords that matters.

    so for that part everything works. The problem is : I cannot have any data in Google Analytics on my views from hostedB.ca and my 3 alias.So it gets very difficult for me to measure if there is anyone clicking and if it works has it doesnt appear anywhere.

    What I did to try to fix it :
    I set up the Cross Domain tracking as directed here : https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1034342?hl=en&ref_topic=2772342&vid=1-635781183701839477-2965971226

    I linked in the code of my maindomain.ca my hostedB.ca domain, and put the analytics code for the secundary doamin name in the index page of hostedB.ca.
    Then I copied the view in Analytics, applied the filter... and still nothing. Everything shows like 100% of the trraffic comes from maindomain.ca, even after connecting on it.

    What is it that I am doing wrong ? What can I do to make sure I finally get the information I need ? Was Cross domain the right way to do it ?

    Thank you very much for your help, and if any one need any additional precision or if I wasnt clear about something, please let me know
    CS5, Sep 17, 2015 IP
  2. jakreo

    jakreo Greenhorn

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    Basically you have 2 running websites and you want to track the visitors into a single Google Analytics account.

    It doesn't matter how many domains you made 301 redirect to these running websites. You have to place correct code on both websites and create few filters(Like showing full URL in the reports) so that you can track or verify that both the website tracking data properly.

    Anyway, i can't help you blindly but if you can share your website & Google Analytics reports with me then i will help you to fix it. You can contact me if need help.

    jakreo, Sep 21, 2015 IP