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very urrrrrrrgentt

Discussion in 'C#' started by ssramvinay, Apr 30, 2007.

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    My TL gave me this task. If any one can able to give suggestion. plz provide asap.

    * We have recordset. i have one filedname called t_id(int) and cval(data type as BIT) in my emp table. I entered more datas using Enterprise manager.
    Also i inserted more records from ASP file(test.asp). In test.asp file, if i check the checkbox then the value must be inserted as 1 for "cval" field in my recordset(emp table). ..I had done it. No probs

    * But i have another page called pending.asp. it contains a drop downlist.If we select any category , it shows the records corresponding to the database in pending.asp. Here i have 1 checkbox and some records.

    My task--->

    * I have to disable to all checkbox, if my emp table field contain value as "1".
    that all.

    * In my pending table. we use many tables. Also we used "emp" table..

    the below coding wat i wrote in my file......

    <% if Rss.Fields("cval").Value="1" then

    <input type="checkbox" name="TransNo" value="<%=transid%>" id="Chk<%=transid%>" disabled>

    end if %>

    **** the problem is ......

    Rss.Fields("cval").Value="1" ----> its presents at my "emp" table. we use emp table at my mail.asp file.

    * the below code presents at pending .asp file------>

    <input type="checkbox" name="TransNo" value="<%=transid%>" id="Chk<%=transid%>" disabled>

    if i give like this the error is coming like thisssssss

    "item cannot found"..The error is 100% correcttttttt

    Becoz if i give like this then it search the field name(cval) at Transaction table

    not in my emp table. 99% we use Transaction table in my pending.asp, also i have emp table..


    Conclusion is---->

    * How to disable the checkbox in our parent form corresponding to the value present in database . Disable the checkbox in pending page if we have value as "1" in my emp table......NOT IN transaction table.........

    ssramvinay, Apr 30, 2007 IP
  2. LittlBUGer

    LittlBUGer Peon

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    This is a double post of your original Urgent - ASP doubt post now higher up in this thread. I doubt you'll get any responses here...
    LittlBUGer, May 3, 2007 IP