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very urgent , Doubt in ASP

Discussion in 'C#' started by ssramvinay, Apr 15, 2007.

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    i have emp table--->contain 2 fields( We used recordset)----> emp_no(datatype is int, chck - datatype is bit)

    * i have email.asp , it contains 1 text box and a check box and a button.

    My task--? if i checked the check box and gave some text in the text

    box and the click the submit button, in the DB(sql server) the chck Column

    must stored( data type is bit) as 1.

    If the checkbox is not checked and click the submit button---> the chck value must be stored as 0.

    Default value is 0

    Actually, the textbox value was inserted. But Checkbox value is still 0 even when i check r uncheck the checkbox.

    <input type = "checkbox" name="click" value="1">

    I wrote the coding like this. kindly check it right r wrong...

    If Request.Form("click")="1"


    End If

    plzzzzzzzz help me how to it


    <input type = "checkbox", name="TransNo" ID="CheckBox1" value="<%=transid%>">

    ( antoher task.

    * If i click the submit button in parent.asp. The checkbox present in my email.asp file must be disabled.

    parent .asp

    * It contains a table format(datagrid)..It lists some names like

    checkbox - ram - emaild - description - email.jpg

    If we click the email.jpg ----> we wrote a javascript code to open pop- up window

    calledemail.asp(my previous task).--It contains a date textbox

    If we checked the checkbox and submit(by giving date in the textbox) , the window will close. The correspoding date will come

    automatically on the email.jpg column. The img will disappear. The date will

    come there.

    Here i have to do wat means, the checkbox in parent.asp must disabled if

    we checked the checkbox and submit(by giving date in the textbox) in email.asp file.

    plz help guyssssss
    ssramvinay, Apr 15, 2007 IP
  2. Nafai

    Nafai Peon

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    If Request.Form("click")="1" Then


    End If

    ' right?

    and <form method="post"> right?
    Nafai, Apr 19, 2007 IP