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vbulletin users web home page

Discussion in 'vBulletin' started by leeds1, Feb 2, 2005.

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    OK, I am getting slightly paranoid over linking to bad neighbourhoods
    So I think, maybe it's users' home page in my forum :confused:

    Is there a way to not allow users to complete their home page info in the "user cp" stuff (and delete all those that are there already)

    Users will of course still have sigs and that (where I can see them !)
    leeds1, Feb 2, 2005 IP
  2. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Overlord of no one Staff

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    A couple ways you can do it... you can edit the MEMBERINFO template and take it out of there, or you could add the following to your phpinclude_start template:

    $show['homepage'] = false;
    Now that I think about it, the 2nd method might not work because I think phpinclude_start gets executed before member.php
    digitalpoint, Feb 2, 2005 IP