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vBulletin SEO tips needed for description & keywords

Discussion in 'vBulletin' started by gamingaffiliatesguide, Jan 8, 2016.

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    I have a client using vbulletin forum software and found the settings to change the meta name description & keywords. It appears these settings are put in the header and are the same for every single forum thread and every forum related page.

    Does anybody have any tips or recommendations to make every page a bit more SEO friendly? At the moment the description and keywords are all about vbulletin and want to know if it is better to delete these texts from the settings and save it or to edit the header page itself to ensure these just aren't included at all such that google and decide what to display for the user in a search engine.
    I'm not familiar with any vbulletin SEO plugins but if anybody has tips or recommendations please share.

    Any other SEO tips for vbulletin are appreciated.
    gamingaffiliatesguide, Jan 8, 2016 IP
  2. orrden

    orrden Greenhorn

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    One of the current best SEO Plugins for vBulletin is DBTech SEO.

    I also recommend mods for friendly URLs (I believe DBTech SEO includes this feature).

    I've heard that setting up a good robots.txt file is a good start, as you can limit duplicate content.

    You'll also want to submit a sitemap (vBulletin has a built in sitemap generator).


    But, to be blunt, I've had almost no luck with effective SEO with vBulletin. It's just...not really friendly in that area. I have a 15 year old domain name with a 15 year old community. It's a writing site with plenty of very interesting and very original content. I have friendly URLs and SEO plugins and we still rank terribly. We get most of our traffic through referral and social media.

    From what I've heard, this is just a vBulletin problem and well known. XenForo seems to be much easier to deal with, however buying a XenForo Licence and then converting your vBulletin over to a XenForo forum is kind of a pain and possibly not worth your client's efforts.
    orrden, Apr 19, 2016 IP