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Vault Forums - Possible Staff Positions Available

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by Ngokillr, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Hello Everyone at Digital Point's Forum Management, My name is Ngokillr the Administrator of Vault Forums (http://www.vaultforums.net).
    Vault Forums strives to becoming one of the best internet marketing and monetization community possible, to do so we've streamlined our boards so that they best fit our objective being content monetization and marketing.
    I am constantly adding new and unique features to our forums and am open to any reasonable, suggested features from members. We are in current need of a couple of active and well structured moderators whom have past experience at forum moderating and whom have strengths in:
    • Advanced Forum Management
    • Being Active and Friendly to Members
    • Strong, Extensive use of English Language and Grammar
    • Works in a Team.
    Please leave all of your applications below, with, if possible; Links to previous forums in which you are clearly show to have been or are a moderator on.

    Thank you all very much
    Ngokillr, Jan 6, 2013 IP