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Valid Email Analyzer Software Review Request

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by David Murphy, Aug 9, 2020.

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    Hi Viewers,

    I am currently looking for testers for the new version my valid email analyzer software. It's a project that I just completed for email marketers and companies with the goal of creating an essential, productive and super user easy email marketing software that checks the validity of an email address with the service provider before sending email letters or campaigns in order to avoid high email bounce rate. This also prevent sending email server from being blacklisted.

    I need reliable testers and early adopters to evaluate the software in every manner and reports on any issues such as bugs, errors and crashes. I am also interested in hearing suggestions on how the application can be improved. Getting feedback from real email marketers is important to improve the app.

    - Windows 7 and above.
    - Microsoft NetFramework 4.0 or above installed.


    Kindly leave me a message if required and I will get back in touch with you.
    Thank you.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2020
    David Murphy, Aug 9, 2020 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    That sounds like a lot of effort. Why would users want to download their list, check it and then reupload?

    Who are you target market?

    fwiw I use mandrillapp and they follow the bounce rate of our email addresses and don't send to the problem emails and I have a callback that lets me know so I can get my admins to follow up with the human.
    sarahk, Aug 9, 2020 IP