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Usually How one can justify the Time range for a website to be successful?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by YujinTan, Nov 30, 2021.

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    I mean in term of earning a decent amount of like 1k from adsense and other additional income from Affiliate products from the website too.

    I preferring using a New Fresh Domain here and slowly build up the site , gain traffic, etc.
    Some claim it take years now because is hard due to Google dance around.

    Some claim due to Fresh domain as there is no backlinks , and age of the domain also a factor

    so my question, if you start a site using fresh domain like say doing an entertainment site
    take how many years or even months to see decent resutls?
    YujinTan, Nov 30, 2021 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    There are so many factors, I don't think anybody could really say.

    Will your "entertainment site" have unique content?
    Will it be updated daily?
    Will it be video-based, images, or text?
    Will it be sending newsletters to readers to get them to return?
    Will there be a reason for people to return?
    Will the site be read & comment or will it be more interactive?

    I could go on, but the more labour intensive the site the more quickly it will be successful.
    sarahk, Dec 1, 2021 IP
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  3. shalom_m

    shalom_m Greenhorn

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    It’s not about the target; it’s all about the journey.
    1. Is the visitor/revenue curve progressing in a straight line, is it growing exponentially or is the curve in decay?
    2. Are you analyzing the details and determining causes?
    3. What are you doing to navigate and correct the course?
    4. Go back to #1 (check curve again!!!)
    If you sit on your proverbial backside, waiting for it to happen – it never will.
    shalom_m, Dec 16, 2021 IP
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  4. jaguar34

    jaguar34 Notable Member

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    1 Year
    jaguar34, Dec 17, 2021 IP
  5. YujinTan

    YujinTan Member

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    honestly speaking, due to Google if you see the update of google , site owner now a days always have problem deal with traffic. So I not sure......even i check what you all have mention.
    YujinTan, Dec 17, 2021 IP