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Using AdSense "on loading"...

Discussion in 'Guidelines / Compliance' started by FLOW-MATIC, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Hello people..
    I have a question (Ta-Da!)
    OK... so I'm sure you have all know what I'm talking about - the Adsense preloaded script that you see in some websites...

    i was looking for information (more than 1 time.. even more than 10 i think) and i never found the real answer..

    some websites are using ad sense ads before they load something... for example.. a website that runs flash games.. you click on a game.. it opens a page.. you see ads.. than after 15 seconds the ads gone the game load and you can play...

    now, i know that if you put a flash game with the ads inside the flash - it is against the TOS.
    i know also, that if you get a special VIP service of adsense for games you get the right to do so.. or something..
    and also i know that you cant use it inside apps..

    but.. what i don't know... is there any way that it is can be done without breaking the rules..
    for example... if i load a page on a website.. a regular article.. and than it shows adsense ad for 10 seconds.. and than you see the article... the adsense loads as a preloaded thing with javascript or something.. then timer or user click - page load the rest of it.. and the ad close it self... - is this thing is also not right to do? because i see a lot of websites that do it.. and it is very interesting if all of them going against the rules..
    fox example.. if i load a youtube embed video on a page with a delay of 15 seconds.. cant i runs adsense for the 14 seconds before it loads?
    FLOW-MATIC, Jan 24, 2011 IP