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**US/Offshore Master Reseller with cPanel11/WHM/Zamfoo - 60% OFF**

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by nalani, May 7, 2009.

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    We are not a bargain host bent on profits. We exist to provide an alternative to the big guys. We provide professional Cisco hardware on super-fast, unsaturated and multi-homed networks. We often get criticized for "wasting" money on overly powerful servers, hardware and bandwidth; however, there is a noticeable increase in performance with our services, so we feel it is well worth it to our customers and to us. Our mission is providing an alternative to false promise, profit driven hosts. We do hosting because we love it and are good at it, not to provide a living. We divert any excess profits into customer service.

    We at HostBam.com are pleased to announce the availability of web site hosting packages available to resellers from the Netherlands and the United States. We offer unmetered reseller packages for as low as $8 a month. In addition, we are offering these packages at 60% off for this week ONLY.

    Keep in mind that we are offering “unmetered” web hosting packages, as opposed to “unlimited”. What this means is that while there is a limit to the amount of bandwidth that you will be able to use, your usage will not be limited until it exceeds 15% CPU, storage space, or script dependent resources. This will give you a lot of room to grow and conduct your web site activities.

    If you need more power we do offer VPS packages: http://www.hostbam.com/vps.html

    HostBam.com utilizes the following resources and equipment:

    Intel Xeon CPU
    4 GB Ram
    500 GB Hard Drive
    This system is located in San Francisco.

    Quad Xeon computer system
    2 GB Ram
    500 GB Hard Drive
    This system is located in the Netherlands.

    Both of these systems are brand new nodes, and they each host only a small number of clients, ensuring virtually no overloading or slowing down of your site. Both hosting plans utilize innovative cPanel and WHM control panels, allowing you utmost flexibility and power in managing your sites. Master Reseller packages utilize the WHM Master Reseller control panel, making it easy to service your various resellers.

    HostBam.com offers the following packages:

    For Unmetered US Master Resellers, we offer:

    Unmetered Space
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    Unmetered Features
    Zamfoo Plug-In
    Be sure to get your 60% off using the coupon code: DP2008
    Learn more.... | Order

    For Unmetered NL Master Resellers, we offer:

    Unmetered Space
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    Unmetered Features
    Zamfoo Plug-In
    Coupon Code: DP2009
    Learn more... | Order

    *These coupons apply towards our US and NL Master Reseller hosting packages only.

    HostBam.com offers top-notch customer support with fast response times and highly professional service via:

    AIM - chanelnalani
    MSN -
    Support Ticket - http://hostbam.com/billing/submitticket.php
    nalani, May 7, 2009 IP