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Buying Urgently Hiring Experienced App developers with Affordable Rates

Discussion in 'Programming' started by seoleft, Jun 9, 2012.

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    Ä°'m urgently looking for experienced app developers to create a team of 5-10 workers.

    If your rates are affordable and you are deadline-oriented and ready to work on multiple projects every single month, then we can cooperate in the long run.


    1. Meet deadline (there might be urgent projects)
    2. Availability on Skype throughout a day
    3. Affordable price per project - because as I'm just starting app business, I will offer our professional services for the beatable price so that the client choose us among multiple service providers.
    Project Types

    1. Android/IPhone/Blackberry/Ipad App Creation
    2. Turning the site into App
    3. Redesigning/reworking App
    4. Facebook App Creation
    5. Game App Creation

    If interested contact me at skype: rafael_karimov

    Show us
    1. Your portfolio,
    2. All services you can provide,
    3. Your experience

    After short chat we'll hire you.

    We're starting projects soon.

    seoleft, Jun 9, 2012 IP
  2. ifreakz

    ifreakz Active Member

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    Hi, Required details as under :

    Country of residence : India
    Background : 4+ Years of experience as a Software Developer.

    Promising these points :

    - One of the very few developers on DP with Nearly 50 iTraders - Positive
    - Only Developer on DP whose apps have won Prizes on Contests By Google Inc.
    - Only Developer on DP with Office at India, Nepal and Japan

    Sites we have developed in the past include :

    Apart from these we have developed other content and custom websites - as well as Software / Smartphone applications. A Detailed portfolio may be sent, if you send us your Email-ID.

    Mini Portfolio : Smartphone apps

    We are keen to work with you in the following fashion :
    - Get your requirements
    - Prepare A Project Proposal - Send to you for review.
    - Prepare a project agreement / project sheet and send for sign from both sides.
    - Finally kick start the project.

    In the mean lets communicate via :

    Our Website : www.arobit.com
    Email :
    Skype : amit.de125
    ifreakz, Jun 9, 2012 IP
  3. seoleft

    seoleft Member

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    Still looking for app developers! Contact me on skype rafael_karimov just now.

    I might have a deal for you at the moment! I've multiple hot projects for you!
    seoleft, Aug 10, 2012 IP