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Buying URGENT - Simple .fla to .swf flash job

Discussion in 'Services' started by dalt, Jan 13, 2011.

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    I have purchased and installed a template with a flash header that can be viewed here. I need the images from the flash header changed to four images of the same size that I have created and the sound function disabled.

    US$10 via Paypal, but I required the job done immediately.

    .fla file and the new images will be emailed to nominated address. .swf file to be emailed back. Two versions of .swf required:

    1. Same funtionality as existing flash file where I need to click on images for it to rotate manually.

    2. Images to loop continuously.

    Thanks, Dalt
    dalt, Jan 13, 2011 IP
  2. dalt

    dalt Active Member

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    Job closed. Great job done by Fritz. Many thanks to all those that enquired.

    The first chap who received my files and then didn't respond to any emails will get a bad rep.
    dalt, Jan 13, 2011 IP
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