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Updating selected users timelines when an event occurs

Discussion in 'Facebook API' started by Ewen, Oct 5, 2013.

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    We have worked a lot with the Twitter but are struggling a bit with FB integration.

    Our system process messages which are geo coded and are sent to users depending on where they live. People in East London will receive only East London messages but not North London or Essex.

    We want to add this sort messaging to our FB customers. We would like them to be able to register with fb down to page level) and for us to store the oAuth tokens and the area of interest. We would then send them events in East London as they occur.
    A few basic questions.
    • We assume you need to create an app for this. What type of app would you suggest?
    • How do we send messages to just selected people / pages using the FB PHP SDK. Is it just a one to one message with the oAuth keys?
    • Will the oAuth keys expire at some time?
    • Is there a great reference or sample site you can suggest?
    Thanks in Anticipation.
    Ewen, Oct 5, 2013 IP