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Buying Update Sever to PHP 7.3 but PHP Sites Break...Need Help

Discussion in 'Services' started by LindseyInteractive, Sep 28, 2019.

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    We are looking to have someone help us with a server upgrade problems.
    We run WHM/cPanel on our server and we have 3 wordpress sites that talk about needing to have our PHP Updated. We were run PHP 5.6 on the server, but we updated it to 7.3 and now these three sites have broke.

    So I need someone to go in and get these PHP sites back up and fixed and ready to go. All three sites are on Wordpress, but one of them have WHMCS that is now saying it is corrupt.

    You need to have Skype in order to communicate with us.

    If you can give a rough estimate that would be great, if we need to discuss more on Skype, that is fine too.
    LindseyInteractive, Sep 28, 2019 IP
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  2. izlik

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    This is quite easy to fix.

    Login to WHM and search for PHP in the menu, then press "MultiPHP Manager". In MultiPHP Manager you can edit the PHP version for each account you have created on your server. So look for the account / accounts you want to change from 7.3 back to 5.6 and just choose 5.6 in the dropdown menu for that account.
    izlik, Oct 2, 2019 IP