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unlock content with sharing and I like to APP

Discussion in 'Facebook API' started by dangerfe, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Hi all, sorry for my english but I'm using a translator and try to be as clear as possible :)

    Basically I developed an application in flash (I program in action script ..)

    However, I would add in the php file where the file is loaded swf script that recognizes if the user has clicked on the page like the application or not ..

    in practice:

    - The visitor views the application
    - Top of the movie swf, there must be a sign that invites you to click like
    - When clicked, will call the php file a variable that unlocks an item in the swf file.
    - If the user gets bored and click I do not like to risbloccare element must tap again I like it.

    More simply, the example is application slotomania:


    Unfortunately, not having much experience with php, java api or facebook in general, I'm in trouble ... I guess it's quite simple ... I tried several scripts but Presumably something wrong ...

    I'll just post it in the office of the examples for me to understand ...

    Thank you all
    dangerfe, Sep 23, 2012 IP