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Unique radio advertising opportunity available

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by dpakman91, Feb 26, 2006.

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    Note: Everything that follows is pending our approval.

    I am the host of a syndicated radio show called Midweek Politics, which airs Wednesdays (hence the "midweek" in the name). The show airs LOCALLY on 103.3FM in Western Massachusetts, and then additionally:

    -Syndicated on several other stations of the Pacifica radio network, including Idaho, Indiana, and Texas
    -On www.heartheissues.com
    -Through a podcast available on iTunes

    Important Questions:
    1. How many people listen to the show?
    --Frankly, we don't know exactly. Since the show isn't a commercial nationally syndicated show, we aren't part of arbitron, so how many people listen over the air is difficult to find out. However, we know how many people download the show from our site and how many listen to the podcast, and those numbers are as follows:

    Average listeners per show on heartheissues.com: 1500-1750
    Average listeners per show via podcast: 500-750

    2. How much would an ad cost?
    --We are selling no more than FIVE spots currently, at the following rates, which include your spot being played on TWO shows (same spot, 2 shows)
    15 second spots: $50
    30 second spots: $85

    The shows are 1 hour long, and your ads will appear during one of THREE breaks.

    3. Who will voice the ad?
    --You can choose to have the ad, as written by YOU, voiced by either a male or female voice, both of which we have on staff. The cost of the ad also includes MINOR production, meaning anything from a basic music bed to a splash or sploosh effect at the beginning or end.
    4. What else do I get for the $50/$85?
    --Your website will also be mentioned as a 'sponsor' of the two episodes that your ad appears in, on www.heartheissues.com/midweekpolitics.html, AND in the description of the podcast on iTunes.

    I think that covers mostly everything. Let me reiterate that YOU HAVE TO WRITE THE AD COPY YOURSELF, and get it to "about" 15 or 30 seconds reading at a casual rate of speed. This isn't so corporate that it needs to be exact, but if you pay for 15 second spots, we won't make your ad 20 seconds.

    Any other questions, ask away...
    dpakman91, Feb 26, 2006 IP