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Selling Unblock Websites With USA Germany Brazil Private Proxies: Free 2-Day Trial, Elite Anonymity

Discussion in 'Services' started by BlazingSEO, Oct 19, 2017.



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    USA, Brazil & Germany Proxies

    We’ve been providing quality proxy services since our inception, and we are confident that our proxies can meet your expectations. Our proxies have wide applications, from providing you with an alternative to unblock websites via our USA, Germany or Brazil proxies, to enabling you to browse the internet with Elite Anonymity, in which the proxies would shield your computer’s IP from being discovered by websites, thus allowing you to enjoy anonymity when browsing the internet.

    Not convinced?

    We provide a 2-day free trial which would allow you to try our proxies first-hand, with no restrictions whatsoever! You have no obligation to purchase the proxies during or after the 2-day free trial period, and these are not trial proxies, but full-fledge proxies that you will have unrestricted access to.

    If you would like to take up this offer – Please do submit your request by emailing our support channel here: – Our 24/7 customer support would gladly assist in setting up these trial proxies for you! Kindly quote “Digital Point” in your request.
    Blazing Proxies - USA, Brazil & Germany
    First ever USA Private Proxies that are automatically delivered and replaced

    I won't sit here and say that our proxies are any better than our competition - because they're not. They have similar speeds (<1s) and we use redundant networks and servers that act as backups in case the main ones go down (meaning no downtime - ever). However, what our competition lacks is our price point and our automatic replacement system. You can compare our prices below with ANY of our competitors and you will not find a cheaper rate at the speed and reliability you get with us.

    But where we differ is our automatic replacement system:

    If at any time one of your proxies is deemed dead by our internal proxy checker, your proxy is automatically replaced without you ever having to babysit. The way it works is you connect through our central IP location, and we forward your connection to the actual USA private proxy. This gives us much more control of who gets what proxies. We also have an API link which allows you to download your latest list of proxy IPs, without needing to login to your proxy dashboard. Tired of having to open support ticket after support ticket to get replacement proxies? Then Blazing Proxies is your solution!

    (All proxies are hosted on 1 gbps connections, are located in the USA, and are Elite anonymity)

    You may browse through our proxy packages here: https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/


    USA Semi-Dedicated (shared between MAX 3 users) Private Proxies:
    1. 5 proxies - $2.50/mo (2 day trial)
    2. 10 proxies - $5.00/mo (2 day trial)
    3. 25 proxies - $12.00/mo
    4. 50 proxies - $24/mo
    5. 100 proxies - $46/mo
    6. 200 proxies - $92/mo
    7. 500 proxies - $210/mo
    8. ... higher packages also available at even more discounted rates
    9. https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/purchase/

    USA Dedicated Private Proxies:
    1. 5 proxies - $6/mo
    2. 10 proxies - $12/mo
    3. 25 proxies - $29/mo
    4. 50 proxies - $58/mo
    5. 100 proxies - $114/mo
    6. 200 proxies - $228/mo
    7. 500 proxies - $550/mo
    8. ... higher packages also available at even more discounted rates
    9. https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/purchase/

    USA Rotating Private Proxies:
    1. These proxies will rotate to a new USA private proxy every 10 minutes (to up to 120 minutes). All users that buy this package share the same USA IP pool assigned for this package.
    2. 5 proxies - $11/mo (2 day trial)
    3. 10 proxies - $21/mo (2 day trial)
    4. 25 proxies - $50/mo
    5. 50 proxies - $100/mo
    6. 100 proxies - $200/mo
    7. 200 proxies - $390/mo
    8. 500 proxies - $970/mo
    9. ... higher packages also available at even more discounted rates
    10. https://blazingseollc.com/proxy/purchase/
    We Have USA, Germany and Brazil Proxies Available!

    Please use DIGITALPOINT as your coupon code to get 5% recurring discount off your purchase.

    We offer 24/7 customer support for our customers, and you can reach our customer support channel by emailing , or you can drop us a support request here: http://support.blazingseollc.com/support/tickets/new

    We have a minimum purchase of 5 proxies, however, our system allows you to order a custom amount of proxies - you can place orders for 8 proxies, 17 proxies, 33 proxies, etc. You can also upgrade a custom amount of proxies to an existing proxy subscription as well - 10 existing proxies to 19 proxies, etc.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2017
    BlazingSEO, Oct 19, 2017 IP
  2. Einheijar

    Einheijar Well-Known Member

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    Are these commercial or residential proxies?
    Einheijar, Oct 29, 2017 IP
  3. BlazingSEO

    BlazingSEO Greenhorn

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    Thank you for your interest in our services. We offer datacenter-type of proxies presently, which have wide usage applications. May I know how would you be using the proxies? Would you be using the proxies with a software or would you be using the proxies to specifically access a particular website? Let us further our conversation through our customer support channel - you may submit a support request here , and we shall address your concerns ASAP. Awaiting your ticket.
    BlazingSEO, Oct 30, 2017 IP