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Unable to invite people who like my business page to join my group

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by flyinjam, Apr 4, 2019.

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    Hi all!

    I've had a business page for a while and recently decided to create a group where people can discuss a topic based on my business. The issue is, I can't invite anyone that likes my page to join my group.
    On my group, when I press the 'Invite' button which comes with the tagline "Invite people who like your Page to join this group", it comes up with the message "There aren't any fans to invite at this time.". However, I have nearly 1000 people that like my page?

    Has anyone had this issue before and know how to fix it?
    flyinjam, Apr 4, 2019 IP
  2. nilufar

    nilufar Greenhorn

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    Hi Greenhorn,

    I got the same message, trying to set up a group and link my page with 1600 followers to it. My page though has recently been shadow-banned. Could that be the reason? I am apparently in FB jail. :-( I searched the internet for a solution but apart from you, I found noone experiencing the same kind of problem. One can get shadowbanned because one posts too much in too little time, but also for political content. This can last a day, two days, a week up to six weeks, I read. FB won't tell you. I think this is the reason our groups can't invite our fans, because our posts are hidden to them. Our entire fanbase is locked off from our page, as it were. Only people visiting our page can see and like our posts. Did you in the meantime, find a solution? All the best Nilufar
    nilufar, Jul 14, 2019 IP