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Unable to create new ad campaign for facebook app installation ads?

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by skopenheart, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Hi Community,

    I am running app installation ads on facebook to grow my app installations. The worse time, from last 2 weeks my CPA is very high and i want to add some more ads in campaign in order to reduce my CPA cost.

    When i try to build up an ad facebook show me the following error:-

    "You're not an admin of this app so you might not see all ad options."

    Audience :- "Accurate information about your estimated reach isn't available."

    "Can't Set Exclusion Targeting -- Only the owner of a Page or app can select an audience to exclude from seeing an ad. You're not an admin of the following specified connections: 502308093170395<br><br>If you want to run your ad with exclusion targeting, please contact the owner of your Page or app. <Learn more about exclusion targeting>"

    Due to this error i am unable to build up new ads? Can anybody please tell me know how do i overcome this?

    Facebook doesn't have very responsive costumer support so i am unable to contact them too.

    Looking forward to hear from facebook advertising experts.
    skopenheart, Sep 13, 2013 IP