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Selling Ultimate Niche Domination

Discussion in 'Services' started by GamingOn, Oct 5, 2013.

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    "Dominate Any Niche"

    No Cheaper Service On Digital Point For What You Get

    Dear Friend;


    Welcome I am offering you the chance to get a website for a cheap cost and that will get traffic and be worth much more once aged so grab this opportunity before you can't anymore. First come first serve.

    SEO Made Easy

    Wondered what it would take to dominate a niche? Well a good start is yeah a EMD Domain! So don't have time to build your own website? Order from me and you will get a website of your very own today. All written 100% by me pm me for samples of my writing and ranking work.

    EMD are still good in Google just not as good as they use to be and they are still very good in Yahoo and rank fast. I will hand pick you a EMD domain with 4,000 searches and do 10 SEO optimized articles for you as well. Want more then that? Well just tell me what you need we will work out a deal.

    Just Imagine Being Able To:

    • Fast Website Creation
    • Free Install
    • SEO Optimized Content
    • Articles Cheap!
    • Great Quality Content
    ...And that's just for starters!

    This Will Work For You

    And Not Only That, But:

    • You Will Get A New Website
    • Domain Will be 4,000 Searches
    • Keyword Research Included For All Posts
    • You Will Love This Service
    There is a limited supply of 15 posts instead of 10 for the first two orders.

    The first two will be the only ones who get this service.


    Bonus #1:

    5 Articles Free Of Charge With Order
    You will get 5 extra SEO optimized posts with your order all unique content.

    Bonus #2:
    You Can Get Another Domain Option If First To Order
    Yep one more EMD with 4,000 searches!

    Bonus #3:

    You Can Get Another Website At Cheaper Rate!
    Yes keep reading more details below.

    You will get traffic this is easy SEO.

    Never has SEO been easier. Stop wondering why you don't get traffic get traffic today! PM me for paypal address.

    You will get your work quick.

    Skype ID GamingOn

    This Ultimate Niche Domination will bring you traffic to your niche and with 10 pages you will have a great start. You will need more content too but you can do that I will explain how I do it along with onsite SEO and way to setup the website and all that. I will install the website but you must buy domain/hosting it is not a part of this service. The cost for this service is

    1 Ultimate Niche Domination $60
    Site will have 10 pages first two orders get 15 pages instead of 10.
    2 Ultimate Niche Domination $95
    Site will have 10 pages first two orders get 15 pages instead of 10.
    3 Ultimate Niche Domination $139
    Site will have 10 pages first two orders get 15 pages instead of 10.

    Lowest price for 4+ is $42 per website.
    Site will have 10 pages first two orders get 15 pages instead of 10.
    Contact me for fast reply.

    Adult accepted examples of adult available.
    Other site samples available. :)
    GamingOn, Oct 5, 2013 IP
  2. Peoney

    Peoney Member

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    Hi, is the article posted unique article? Copyscape pass? and Not duplicate content? And what is the difference between 1, 3 and 3 Ultimate niche domination site?
    Peoney, Nov 2, 2013 IP
  3. GamingOn

    GamingOn Well-Known Member

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    All articles are 100% unique content.
    All pass copyscape.

    The difference is you get 1 or 2 or 3 websites.
    GamingOn, Nov 4, 2013 IP