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[UK] Low Cost, Rock Solid UK VPS - Core i7/RAID10 Hardware - Instant Setup

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by pcsmart, Nov 7, 2009.

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    Sick and tired of "fly-by-night" companies, unstable servers and low quality hardware?

    We understand that you want a low cost and quality service that just "works". Host with us and enjoy a reliable service, on the latest hardware without breaking the bank.

    Why choose us?
    • We are a stable business trading since early 2006
    • We have multiple UK based staff
    • We own all of our hardware, no multiple levels of resellers
    • All of our hardware is enterprise-class Supermicro/Dell
    • We have 300+ happy VPS customers
    VPS Overview
    • OpenVirtuozzo (OpenVZ) Based
    • Full Root SSH and Console Access
    • SolusVM for Reboots/OS Reloads
    • Wide choice of OS + preconfigured systems
    • cPanel, DirectAdmin & Webmin Available
    • APF/CSF support out of the box
    • Tun/Tap enabled on request
    • Trixbox OS available
    • 99.9% Network Uptime SLA
    • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Instant VPS Setup!

    These are unmanaged VPS, we will provide support for hardware issues, network issues, reverse DNS and anything relating to the host machine. We can offer Semi Management and Full Management if you opt for cPanel at additional cost.

    All VPS include 1 IP address, plus one additional IP free of charge subject to justification.
    Additional IP's can be added for £0.50/Month each.
    128MB Guaranteed RAM
    256MB Burstable RAM
    10GB Disk Space
    150GB Bandwidth
    Price: £4.50/Month [Order]

    256MB Guaranteed RAM
    512MB Burstable RAM
    15GB Disk Space
    250GB Bandwidth
    Price: £8.99/Month [Order]

    384MB Guaranteed RAM
    768MB Burstable RAM
    20GB Disk Space
    350GB Bandwidth
    Price: £11.99/Month [Order]

    512MB Guaranteed RAM
    1GB Burstable RAM
    30GB Disk Space
    450GB Bandwidth
    Price: £14.99/Month [Order]

    768MB Guaranteed RAM
    1.5GB Burstable RAM
    30GB Disk Space
    550GB Bandwidth
    Price: £19.99/Month [Order]

    1GB Guaranteed RAM
    2GB Burstable RAM
    50GB Disk Space
    650GB Bandwidth
    Price: £24.99/Month [Order]

    1.5GB Guaranteed RAM
    2GB Burstable RAM
    80GB Disk Space
    800GB Bandwidth
    Price: £39.99/Month [Order]

    2GB Guaranteed RAM
    4GB Burstable RAM
    100GB Disk Space
    1000GB Bandwidth
    Price: £49.99/Month [Order]

    Operating Systems
    • CentOS 4.8 32bit
    • CentOS 5.3 32bit
    • CentOS 5.3 64bit
    • Trixbox 2.6 32bit
    • Debian 3.1 32bit
    • Debian 4.0 32bit
    • Debian 4.0 64bit
    • Debian 5.0 32bit
    • Debian 5.0 64bit
    • Fedora 8 32bit
    • Fedora 8 64bit
    • Fedora 9 32bit
    • Fedora 9 64bit
    • Fedora 10 32bit
    • Fedora 10 64bit
    • Fedora 11 32bit
    • Fedora 11 64bit
    • Ubuntu 7.10 32bit
    • Ubuntu 7.10 64bit
    • Ubuntu 8.04 32bit
    • Ubuntu 8.04 64bit
    • Ubuntu 8.10 32bit
    • Ubuntu 8.10 64bit
    • Ubuntu 9.04 32bit
    • Ubuntu 9.04 64bit
    Control Panels
    • CPanel/WHM VPS Optimized = £12/Month
    • DirectAdmin = £5/Month
    • Webmin = Free (As a pre-installed option on CentOS 5)
    Hardware Specifications

    Your VPS will be provisioned on enterprise-class supermicro hardware, for maximum performance and stability.

    Each of our Hardware Nodes hosting approximatley 30 VPS, is of the following specification:

    Intel Core i7 920 Quadcore CPU /w HT (8x 2.66GHz)
    12GB DDR3 RAM
    4x Hotswappable 500GB SATAII HDDs
    Hardware RAID10 via Adaptec 2405

    Don't be fooled by companies who advertise "Premium Hardware", and build their own cheap whitebox servers from desktop parts.


    Connectivity is provided by a redundant all Cisco network, with over 92,000mbits of external connectivity. We currently take bandwidth from Tiscali, Teleglobe, LINX and LonAP, in addition to over 200 peering sessions.

    Each hardware node has a dedicated and uncontended 100Mbit (Full Duplex) connection to the internet.

    Pingable IP:


    Can I use my VPS for torrents/seedbox?

    Can I use my VPS for IRC?

    Can I use my VPS for adult content?
    Yes, as long as it's legal within UK law.

    Can I use my VPS for game servers?
    We do not prohibit using your VPS for gameservers, however we would strongly advise a Xen based VPS. OpenVZ is not suited for gameservers as it's OS level virtualization, and we reserve the right to suspend/terminate your VPS should your activities substancially impact other users quality of service.

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions please email and we will be happy to help
    pcsmart, Nov 7, 2009 IP