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Types of Sitemap for Google, Yahoo & Bing

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by EWEBAC, Dec 4, 2013.

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    Hello Guy's,

    I have read that lots of people has a doubt regarding sitemap, So here I decided to write a little bit things about the same.....

    Free Unlimited Sitemap Generator tool:

    Types of Sitemap:
    1. XML Sitemap
    2. TXT Sitemap
    3. HTML Sitemap
    4. Image Sitemap
    5. Video Sitemap
    6. Mobile Sitemap
    7. News Sitemap

    Google: All XML Sitemaps are considered in Google

    Bing: Same as above also there is a separate sitemap which is specially designed for Bing i.e. BingSiteAuth.xml. Bing sitemap can be submitted in Bing Webmaster tool.

    Yahoo: Only consider txt sitemap i.e. urllist.txt

    All xml sitemap you can manually submit it to the Google Webmaster tool, and before doing that you can even check whether the sitemap is error free or not, by selecting a option of test sitemap which is available in google webmaster tool. So that you can submit the error free sitemaps....

    The two most important sitemaps are .XML Sitemap & .HTML Sitemap:

    XML Sitemap - Only for the search engine.
    HTML Sitemap - For the user then for the search engine.
    I hope this much information will solve many of your problems.....

    Thanks :)
    EWEBAC, Dec 4, 2013 IP